Thursday, March 15, 2007

Elvis Perkins makes me want to love again, or,

I went to a show last night! At the Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas, Texas. Never been there before, so I didn't really know what to expect. Also, I kinda crapped out and had no idea who was playing besides my beloved Andrew Bird until Beau picked me up (THANKS!!!) and mentioned that Delta Spirit, Elvis Perkins, Tokyo Police Club and Cold War Kids were all playing as well. Score. (P.S. all of these guys are playing at Pearl Street in Noho toward the end of March/early April. Get your ass there. You'll be happy you did).

Delta Spirit: They kinda reminded me of bands I saw at Dartmouth frats, but much, much better. The singer sang so hard I thought he was going to bust his vocal chords into a bloody mess all over the stage. I was impressed, but imagine he needed some tea with honey and lemon afterward. Some kid played a trash can lid. Gotta love it.

Elvis Perkins: He's just really good. Melancholy. Complicated. Band includes a string bass (I have a soft spot for that). I'm teaching myself to play Night Without Love on guitar. It hasn't been going well.

Listen: While You Were Sleeping

Tokyo Police Club: The thing about the GTR is that there are two stages, one large, one smaller. TPC was playing in the smaller room and it was really crowded. We managed to squeeze in for a bit, but kept getting yelled at and shoved around. I ended up being smashed into this girl in front of me who turned around and said, "you know, if I were a guy, I'd be totally turned on right now." That pretty much made my night. TPC was kinda frantic, but in a good way.

Cold War Kids: For some reason, although I like Hang Me Up To Dry, I was expecting to dislike this band, however, they were pretty rockin'. One of their numbers called for members of the other groups (aside from Andrew Bird - I guess he's too good for them or something) to play along. The bassist from Elvis Perkins busted out a sax while the other guy in that band brought out his trombone. That automatically equals awesome.

Andrew Bird: I simply cannot say enough good shit about this guy. As you now might know, I am the product of two (professional, but now in education) musicians and have a keen ear, even if I have no talent myself. It's a mystery, really. He's absolutely amazing. If you've seen him before, you know what I mean, and he's only gotten better. He sings my dreams. I want to have like 10,000 of his babies.

I was in heaven. Until I realized Beau and I still had to drive back leaving Dallas at 12.30 putting us back in Norman around, oh, 4.30 due to some fog and wrong turns. Awesome! But you know what, still totally freaking awesome.

Oh. Also, I have decided that I'm sorta into hipster/emo/rocker boys. Threadbare t-shirt? Check. Plaid western shirt (with snaps)? Yes please. Converse or equivalent? Yup. Scruffy beard? Sign me up. Emo glasses? Why not. Think you can play an instrument? I'll buy it. Expertly tousled hair? Ok. Drink more Stella or Pabst than me? Probably not, but I'll take it. Where are you?


G said...

I'm still reading this, by the way... Big hugs to you.

blythe said...

you're one of an elite and very small group. hugs to you too. and the cats, i suppose. and that guy.