Monday, March 05, 2007

Mobile home, mobile home, let me in!

While some of you associate March with March Madness (and I will enter a pool and lose dreadfully, yes, yes I will) I associate it with the premature (and morbidly exciting) beginnings of tornado season. Tornado Season is not entirely unlike Shark Week - a lot of hype about crazy, stupid shit that seems interesting on TV, but sucks ass in real life.

Tonight, I went to the most fabulous bar in Norman selling Bud Light out of giant red plastic cups for $2.25 called The Deli. Mike Hosty plays The Deli most every Sunday serenading the crowd with the aforementioned "Oklahoma Breakdown" and other classics including "Fraidy Hole" (referring to a basement or other cellar like structure one would utilize in the event of a cyclone) and "Fried Pie" (a deep fried pastry which one would utilize in a desperate moment of hunger, most likely preceded by copious amounts of booze and/or weed). Now, if you were not born and bred in Oklahoma, which I had the mis good fortune of, then some of the sentiments of these songs will fall on your deaf, deaf ears. But if you were, well, then, you should get your ass out to The Deli asap to listen to the troubador of the prairie sing the praises (or not) of our very own beloved weathermen Gary England and Mike Morgan. You know who I'm talkin' 'bout.

The best part of this night was when I was tabbing out and the bartender sought me out to tell me that he loves my dad. In fact, my dad inspired him to follow a career in music (detour of bartending? I dunno, shit happens, right?) and that I should bring him in 'cause drinks are on him. I was just thinking earlier in the night as I looked around the bar full of young men that I needed a wingwoman, but perhaps, I need a wingdad... ah, small towns, small towns...

I am never having sex again, am I. Am I?

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uh, i was clearly a wee bit intoxicated when i wrote this. perhaps i should delete it. too late now?