Monday, August 20, 2007

ZHMMM: Butt Buddies Edition.*

UPDATE: The one where Lacey and I went to the Ben Kweller show. A few things: 1) it was fucking hot and my face melted off and my hair turned curly, so there will be no photos of me, 2) I realized that Ben Kweller songs are hipster easy listening - it's just not annoying when it comes out of such a cute, shaggy haired, striped shirt little guy, 3) I am annoyed by the hipster/indie scene in OK - where do you think you are, guys? It was a good show in spite of a terrible opening band, losing my tickets, sweating balls, $18 beers (actually, I don't know how much they were because L and I got Cokes - we are that cool).

Look, it's Lacey! She's so happy!

Look! It's my feet. Because I am sitting down. Because it took them an hour (it felt like) to switch bands and I am an old lady. The couple sitting next to us was making out. I wanted to punch them. Which reminds me. I hate concert couple behavior. You're in a fucking tight space. Must you hold on to each other? It's 800 million degrees and you can't let go to even clap? HATE YOU.

This is me sitting down on the stairs because I am approximately 800 years old and get tired in spite of Coke and my lesbina Chacos.

Lacey and I have been spending a lot of time together. A lot. So much so, that last night, as she was kicking my ass at scrabble (are you jealous of my life yet?), I noticed we were wearing the same underwear. Oh come on. You look too.

Check out that sweet-ass action (B-town on left, L-ma on right, same underwear all over)!

In other news, I am pleased with the state of Oklahoma. Not only did we experience a mini/inland hurricane Saturday night/Sunday morning, but there are some pretty rad shows coming to the metro. Check it:

9.14 - Blonde Redhead @ Bricktown Ballroom: 23

9.23 - Animal Collective @ Bricktown Ballroom: Derek

10.9 - COLD WAR KIDS!!! @ The Opolis: We Used To Vacation

10.17 - Black Mountain @ The Opolis: Druganaut

10.21 - Caribou & Born Ruffians @ The Opolis: Melody Day

10.23 - Dr. Dog, Apollo Sunshine, Delta Spirit @ The Opolis: My Old Ways

11.12 - Architecture in Helsinki @ The Opolis: Owls Go

I'll be there! Come with me!

*This might be a mistake of a post title. We'll see.


Beau said...

I will definitely be spending some time at the Opolis this fall. October 9 is gonna be badass.

Jeannette said...

Scrabble is a good time.

Clinton said...

This is TOTALLY a "my opinion" thing, but I saw Blonde Redhead open for Sleater-Kinney a few years ago and they were terrible. I like their stuff, but I really didn't think it translated that well to the live stage. Or maybe it was just a bad show, or something. Anyway, just sayin'.

blythe said...

beau - i know! awesome 5000.

jeannette - unless you're really bad like me.

clinton - so glad you said that. i was kinda thinking i didn't really want to go, but felt like i should... blah.

Garrett Reid said...

I know that picture of your feet is because you are trying to join the phenomenon that is sweeping across the nation as we speak.

Julie_Gong said...

um i used to say butt buddies a lot growing up. does that say something about me?

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Your balls were sweating?

exile_grrl said...

RUN DO NOT WALK to see Architecture in Helsinki...they are awesome.

crimenotes said...

Pretty Blythe! Pretty Lacey! Nice butt-buddies!

Dr. Dog and Apollo Sunshine would be my go-to show on this set. Black Mountain might be interesting.

Jeannette said...

The foot shot is a total meme, minez here:

blythe said...

argh! i wrote the best responses ever then deleted! i hate you penfolds shiraz!

JHC said...

You two are lovely. Even your feet aren't hideous!
My whimsy is back and I like it.

blythe said...

jhc - that might be the nicest compliment i've ever gotten.

JHC said...

Which part?
1) you're lovely
2) your feet aren't horrific
C) the whimsy stuff
iv) all of the above