Friday, August 03, 2007

It's Friday, I'm In Love

well, I'm not in love this week, per se, but I have like 10 million mini-crushes, of which I will share a handful with you.

Blasting my ear drums:

D.A.N.C.E. - Justice: A few weeks ago, I very inaccurately predicted I would become less than enamored with this song almost instantly. I listen to it every morning, rocking out to the sights and sounds of OKC, cruising at a whopping 25mph for an hour. I dance in the car (well as much as one can dance wearing a seatbelt, which isn't unlike the way I dance when not wearing a seatbelt) like no one's watching™. An unstoppable smile spreads across my face like the first time I heard Motown Philly back in sixth grade. It's A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Cinema enema:

Hot Fuzz - It's even better the second time. Rent it.

The Darjeeling Limited:

What are your favorite movies, Blythe? Well, aside from Breakfast at Tiffany's...

Wait, that's so clich├ęd, that's really your favorite movie?

Uh, hello, she's dressed in Givenchy for the entire movie? Anyway, my others are Bottle Rocket (my next pet will be named Dignan), The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore. I love The Life Aquatic, but it's not at the top of the list. But this might be someday:

On the small screen:

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
- just watch it. Hi-larious. And, I'm in love with Charlie.

My Boys - I've been told it's for chicks. Turns out I'm a chick, so I get to watch it. But you should too.

On my feet:

Chacos. After nine hours of heels and office bullshit (although, yesterday, I wore a tiara for the better part of the day that I found secreted in a filing cabinet, but no one got my meta-ironical point including myself), there's nothing I love more than coming home, sliding into my little shoes made of heaven's pillows, cracking open a Miller Lite and internetting me some porn (this might be the only true thing on this entire blog). OMG - so comfortable. Also, they make me feel all outdoorsy and shit when really the most outdoorsy thing I do these days is take the bags of wine and beer bottles to the curb.

In my heart:

Any girl worth her weight in salads with no dressing, well, maybe fat free Italian on the side - on the side! knows that Urban Outfitters is the poor man's Anthropologie. I can't afford either, which is why literally every stitch of clothing I own comes from Hookers R Us. But a girl can dream, right? This little guys all sold out at the Hipster Factory, but I still covet it. Would I wear it? Certainly not.

Speaking of clothing, since when did maternity stuff become the new trend? And who's loving it? Me! I always might be a little bit pregnant, so this whole new look is awesome. I've decided to take it to the x-treme and drink all the beer I want (ok, was going to anyway) because I can just hide the ol' spare tire under something like this:

So, I've decided to take full advantage of the ambiguity of this contentious trend. Maybe people offer up their seat at the bar because I'm looking a little tired. Ok. Maybe I get a gift or two. Ok. You can totally return a Diaper Genie to Bed Bath and Beyond for a blender.

Rolling around in my brain:

I had a make out dream with Michael Cera last night. For reals. What? He's like 18. My inappropriate crush habit is getting out of control.


Dan said...

I hate to be the weird older man that reads your posts first late at night and comments on the obvious dirty bits, but: "I wore a tiara for the better part of the day that I found secreted in a filing cabinet".

Also, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is capital T Tremedous and it's criminal that it's not on all the time.


Dan said...

alright. I don't totally hate it.

blythe said...

vtkid - ok, maybe i should've used hidden. semantics. and you're not a creepy older man. you're the creepy older man. and yes, IASIP is an instant classic in my book. I liked starved too, but i guess it was a bit dark and eric schaeffer's a total fucking nutjob. like worse than me nut job.

Dan said...

oh. well. thank you. I feel emboldened to tell you that I've 3 different photoshop mock up versions of you in that maternity outfit and they are, well, they're going to be in the rotation for quite some time.

I posted an entire season of IASIP but they all got bounced and I figured they would remain so. Thank you for reintroducing me to this incredible comedy. I'm off to search for Sons and Daughters now.

Tilly said...

Tear. I miss Arrested Development like ouch.

Julie_Gong said...

i want to be friends with everyone on its always sunny.

blythe said...

dan - sons and daughters! how come all the good shows get the boot? AD, S&D, i like significant others on bravo, too. sons and daughters!

tilly - i know, right? well, it lives on in my dvd player almost daily.

julie - but they're in the same state as you! go vsit!

stewpid said...

i feel old reading this. love boat! who loves Love Boat?

Jeannette said...

That preview made my day. Especially the little bit with the rock stacking.

I cant believe I get my entertainment news through your blog.

blythe said...

stew- who doesn't love love boat. come on.

jeanette - i can't wait!!!!! oh, i could provide you with so much more. just say the word and i'll resurrect goulet wednesday news round up. i've actually had two requests now.

JebusHChrist said...

Season 1 of It's Always Sunny was tremendous. Season 2 was terrible thanks to DeVito. I'm afraid I can't watch Season 3 based on his presence. You know what I can watch though? Meerkats!
All day long.

d said...

i seriously need to watch more tv. i have no idea what any of you are talking about.

but let's talk about battlestar galactica, shall we? or can i talk about how sad i am that 'dead like me' got canceled?

and 'the royal tennenbaums'... nothing is better than a wes anderson movie.

stewpid said...

omg I am totally naming my first baby "gimlet."

blythe said...

jebus - yeah, you're right. but i'm always willing to give something a second chance. or third. or twelfth. that's why i haven't thrown the towel in on lalohan yet. she's gonna pull through.

d - no, you don't. you seriously need tivo. i'll tell you what to watch. you watch it, fast forward through commercials and save tons of time while keeping up with the (un)cool kids. in the meantime, you do what you do best. uh, which is apparently watching battlestar galactica. so scratch all of that. can we start a RT discussion blog? i had a phase where i only wore margot eyeliner and a headband like richie. fortunately, i have the intelligence of dudley, so that's always there.

stew - yes! i am ordering one (8) in honor of you tonight.

HolyGirl427 said...

I wasn't aware that I could love Wes Anderson anymore, then I heard Jason Schwarzman say "I love you, but I'm going to mace you in the face."

It turns on my heartlight, ET style.

Dan said...

you have seen this - - right?

dmbmeg said...

I am also in love with Michael Cera. The sad thing is, my crush began when he was back on AD, so um...nevermind.

However, Zac Efron will always hold the #1 place in my heart..."Getcha getcha getcha head in the game!"

Please tell me you've seen High School Musical


stewpid said...

happy bee-day, blythe!!!

JebusHChrist said...

Stew beat me to it, but, nonetheless.

Happy Birfday, Blythe! May your drinks be plentiful, your men be charming, and your Monday morning be hangover free (and mostly cloudy).

Colleen said...

OMG, I love love love the maternity shirt trend, too! I believe I will be wearing one of those today, after last night's beer-drinkin'.