Sunday, August 26, 2007

Reuinited and it feels so good?

Top two reasons I'm glad Shain is back in the OK:

1. He brought me figs from his fig tree in Cali. So sweet! The figs, not Shain. He's generally an assface. We ate them while drinking at The Library. Our waitress thought we were crazy. Look at how much fun we had!

[Shain, send me your caption.]

[OHG! I am having so much fun talking about the philosophy department of OU! Also, I might have a lazy eye. Sexy time 4.]

2. He sent me a color-coded PDF of our potential yoga schedule with the instructions to print two copies, one for my office and one for home. He knows me too well.


blythe said...

no one cares about us, shain. not even us.

JHC said...

Shain is dressed in a cowboy shirt.
Blythe is showing some eyebrow.

(that's what I thought when I saw these photos, didn't think it was worthy of a comment, but, wow, this post did not inspire your fans, at all)

crimenotes said...

My take: "An assface wearing a dish towel covers his eyes in shame."

CrimeNotes said...

Just remember: He started it.

blythe said...

i am always showing some eyebrow. such a slut.


JHC said...

I don't know, Bee, I'm kinda turning into a hand man.