Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yup. It's that time again! This week, I'm starting things off with a reader submission. Here it is:

Who's this little dude (besides Mr. Adorable, of course)? Hint: he's a part-time commenter. First person to guess wins, um, nothing. Yay!

Reminder: send in your pics if you want to be included in the party. That was for you, JHC.

Speaking of cringesday, last night, I decided to take a bath. Which, when you're a single chick like me with no life, is kind of a big deal. I lit some candles, poured some Shiraz, and fired up the ol' iPod. Then I sang my little heart out because, hand to God, my tub is better than any studio out there. I sound like a rock star. Or so I thought. My bathtub performance repertoire is strictly Mariah Carey's first album. You love it too. Don't even pretend. Anyway, after sufficient prunage, I get out to discover that my whole house is completely silent, as in, my parents had been listening to my concert. I ran to my room, a la 7th grade. Totally sweet and awesome. This only caused me to drown my embarrassment in the rest of the bottle. Which caused me to be a little tipsy, alone, on a Tuesday night. Which caused some rather silly conversations and r*tarded text messages. Apologies all around. I love me! Mostly because I have to.

Oh! I almost forgot the best part! When I finally went to bed, I cried while watching the Sex and the City finale rerun on channel 16, whatever that is. Feel free to hate on me. I would.


JHC said...

I could never compete with that pompadour. Also, it's no longer 4am and I don't think I want to be outed anymore.

I like it when you talk about baths. RAWRRR!!!!!!

Jeannette said...


stew said...

hmm, whoever it is.. Go Eam Interna!!!!

TK said...

Whoever that is, he totally stole my seventh grade haircut.

Fine, I had it in eighth grade too.

And also - if you can't sing your brains out while drunk in the bathtub, then by God, the terrorists have already won.

Big Daddy said...

i was going through my TV-News-Anchor-hairstyle period back then.


Big Daddy said...

And actually, that was my favorite shirt, although I don't remember why [now].

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Blythe - where the hell are you? I'm churning out comic gold on the Ride and you are nowhere to be found! Get it together already!