Thursday, August 16, 2007

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: On repeat edition.

Hey there sportsfans. I know you all sidled up to your computers this week, your iPods or MP3 player of choice (j/k - there's no choice) awaiting the week's selections, but were disappointed only to read about my ass crack. And by disappointed, I mean fortunate. But the man's got me down and there's not much I can do about it except listen to the following on repeat as I drive to and from the OKC.

  • This week, I am absolutely and completely Britney Spears crazy for Vampire Weekend. I am an elitist at heart, so as Columbia kids making weird music around campus, they have stolen my heart. Or what is left of it. Because I am so obsessed, I haven't listened to much else. LISTEN! It's crack. (And not ass crack.)

  • I think I put White Rabbits on a list in the recent past (maybe even as recent as last week - it's not like I read this thing), but it whenever it was, it was kind of without having completely appreciated, or maybe even listening to the song. Upon, oh, I don't know, 10,000 listenings, I pretty much love it. So, hear it again:

  • Summer is for Swedish music.

  • Hey, guess what's Monday? The Ben Kweller show at the Bricktown Ballroom. As usual, I've been listening up on my subject. Sha sha shawesome.

  • Turns out I am a bigger J Dilla fan than I ever knew.

  • Some of you folks mentioned The Avett Brothers a few weeks back and I was all, yeah, I'll download me some of that and I did, but then I forgot to listen. But I did this week. Did I ever.

  • Hey, guess who's playing the Bricktown Ballroom on Wednesday? As Tall As Lions. I've posted it before, but for some reason, this song get me totally hot (come on kids, because it's 103 in the evening here), so natch, I've got to see it live.

See you next week. If I really loved you, I would figure out how to embed stuff from next week's shows, but I don't think I'm going to, so...


Beau said...

Avett Brothers have been on repeat to and from OKC (I only go up there on Tuesdays) since the beginning of July, I really really like Shame and Paranoia in B-flat minor and Salina, screw it the whole Emotionalism album.

blythe said...

beau - i'll check more out for real this time. thanks.

the rest of you - why do i even bother...

JHC said...

Love, Love, Love is perfect if it's 3:38am and you have no one to talk to. Thanks, Bee, that hit the spot.

blythe said...

it's pretty perfect all the time. alone or otherwise. i'd make out to it now if i could.