Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i found the marble in the oatmeal!

UPDATE: Real life is still kicking my ass all over the playground then stealing my lunch money, so...

Between work life and real life, the Bee-Spot is functioning on about 9 hours of sleep out of the past 72. It's not pretty. I am almost always incoherent to begin with, so now it's just sad. In the meantime, there's a hurricane? MC Rove resigned? What day is it? I'll get back in the saddle again, I promise. Don't miss me too much. Oh, you didn't even notice the lack of posting? Ok.


Garrett Reid said...

Don't be such a baby. How is your crack today? Does it still burn? Wouldn't it be better to go without than suffer crack-burn? I don't understand women OR their underthings.

HolyGirl427 said...

Is it sad that I read MC Rove and automatically pictured him doing the Hammer dance? Probably.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Funny, the news that MC Rove resigned was just what I needed to start blogging again. If you're not going to blog, you can instead leave multiple comments on my posts.

dmbmeg said...

going commando is somewhat unpleasant when you have to wear jeans or nylons of some sort. The strip of fabric from a thing is better than nothing at all. If you must go without your drawers, you must go Lohan/Spears style and wear a skirt. It is quite refreshing.

Now you know one more think about us.

dmbmeg said...

thing! dammit.

JebusHChrist said...

No rush, Blythe. I'll just sit here and wait. You know how I do.

stew said...



stew said...

my new blog be's up, btw


blythe said...

i would respond, but i'm sleeping with my eyes open. more later kids!


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