Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thank You Baby Jesus!

I have received confirmation: my car WILL BE ARRIVING in no less than one week, suckers. For all of you who thought it would never materialize, stand back and prepare for the ride of your life. Mainly because the engine mounts are shot and it vibrates more than a rabbit with a new battery, but also because the trunk holds all of my slutty summer shirts. Unfortunately, this means my days of driving a nice new Toyota Camry complete with a JBL sound system are over, ok sound system at all - the '92 Corolla's tape deck is defunct. Which means that I really need an iPod. So, shoot me an email if you'd like to donate to my iPod fund. I have a lot of Zach Braff/Stereogum/Pitchfork/KCRW/NPR/My Old Kentucky Blog approved music I need to blast.

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(1992 Corolla, but mine is sexier and green)

(only $249, but trust me, I am worth every penny - don't ask anyone to verify this)


(me, happy)


Mr. Shain said...

is this little kid calling the guy a bitch coming from your blog? i never have my sound on and i couldn't figure out where the hell this was coming from. anyway... mushaboom!

Dan said...

ah, god bless you and your trunk full of slutty summer shirts, bee-spot.

Clinton said...

You don't lie... You look DAMN happy. And rightly so.

blythe said...

Mr. S - yeah, i don't know how to turn it off. eh.

dan - the best part about leaving MA is actually being able to wear slutty shirts without a parka!

clinton - this picture was taken long ago, in a different place and time. j/k! happy as a clam.

Dan said...

I think I need to move.