Saturday, April 28, 2007

A few things

Restaurant Review:

Shain was in the mood for sushi. The only sushi serving restaurant (that should tell you something) in Norman happens to be in my neighborhood. So, there we were, eating sushi on a Saturday afternoon. Sounds lovely. However, I'm less than impressed with this establishment. My favorite thing about the menu is that there's an "f" indicating fresh fish and a "c" indicating cooked fish next to each item. The "c" selections far outnumber "f." Lose 10 points. I got my spicy tuna roll and, well, by spicy they mean squirt some Sriracha on it, of which I am a big fan, but man, I miss the crunchy spicy tuna roll made by good ol' Sam at Moshi Moshi in Noho. It was the shit. This was just kinda shitty. C for effort.

Career Review:

So, I've got a job prospect as an Immigration Specialist (sexy, I know) at which I would make a fair amount of money, BUT it's in Tulsa. Do I really want to move to Tulsa? Living in Tulsa is not in my plan, but making money is. Hmm. I told Shain of this and my other plan to pursue alternative certification as a teacher for the state of OK. He said something peculiar, and by peculiar I mean MEAN to this. You, a teacher? What grade would you teach? What would you teach? I said probably high school. High school English. Then he said, do you even know the canon? It's not you, it's me. I just can't imagine you as an English teacher. What? I'll show you canon. I think I would make a fine high school English teacher. I just finished a Lauren Weisberger novel. Not qualified my ass.

Camping/Rock Climbing:

Camping and rock climbing were a part of my former life, that sometimes I loathed because it was never my choice to do these things, but now I am profoundly missing. I really do love being dirty, hungry, cold, and attacked by bugs and other wildlife all night. If you are interested in either and live anywhere near me, let's go! I'm ready.

Yesterday's Post:

Shain said it wasn't funny. My brother laughed. Maybe you just have to know Mother Bee-Spot. I dunno. If you are reading this and attend Noble Middle School, please disregard that post. It's not about who you think...

I've been so good lately:

I feel like I've been missing a lot of fun lately in an attempt to be somewhat responsible and kinder to my body. Well, screw that. Tonight's the night! Maybe. I'm kind of tired from gardening. Yup, that's right. I was gardening all day. Jealous?


Alex said...

you would make a much better english teacher than ms. pasani (or however you spelled her name) and ms. effinger. maybe not ms. kramer though. but i have too big of a soft spot for 9th grade TEAM and experiencing shakespeare to discuss her teaching skills rationally.

blythe said...

ok, i get it. i will not be an english teacher. fine.

Alex said...

thats not what i was saying young lady. always thinking the worst, you are!

blythe said...

it's my job.