Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On the Wagon (sort of)

So this weekend I decided to take it easy in the alcohol department as last weekend resulted in several unsavory moments including a restraining order from my liver. Also, it's official: I'm going to the beach this summer on a little vacay which means I need to reign in the excessive consumption. However, I'm conflicted because I think the best way to do this would be to participate in the vodka and cigarettes diet. I'll let you know.


L-Ma and I made our way to a mall in the more upscale section of OKC to see The Namesake. Class all the way here in OK. I read the book and happen to think Jhumpa Lahiri is one of the sexiest authors ever, aside from Dr. Phil, obvs, because that's what's important in a writer. I was super excited to see the movie. It wasn't great, but not bad either. The point of this story is that, wait, there isn't a point.


Elated after another outstanding trip to Super Cao Nguyen (if you still haven't gone, go),

I was very disappointed to learn that the Neko Case show had been canceled. I had even made a special mix cd of her in preparation. Boo. Mr. Shain picked me up anyway and we headed into Bricktown (feeble attempt at OKC planners to create some sort of nightlife epicenter out of nothing replete with a fake canal and horse drawn carriages) in an effort to see what all of the fuss is about. Come to find out, there's no fuss or anything really. Shain parks 13.2 miles away from where Bricktown (I feel so stupid even typing "Bricktown") and as we walked, we passed this installment? I dunno what it is. I call it a buffalo garden. I almost broke the fence climbing in to have Shain take my picture, but they were ugly so you're not going to see it. After a bout of indecisiveness because we were distracted by men/boys wearing severely outdated striped button downs reeking of Wal-Mart knock off Douche cologne and ladies with their tanned bosoms pouring out of Wet Seal lycra, we settled on some bar that I've already forgotten the name of. It was lame to the max (much like this statement - oh the irony). It was Saturday night and there were about five people there, four of which I think were there to see the musical act, which was sad bastard music. Shain ordered me my first Manhatten, which I enjoyed, and that's about all I remember... Psych! We fucking closed the bar down. At 11pm. On our way back to the car, we notice that a prom was being held at the Civic Center. We proceeded to park directly in front of the venue, camera ready, just in case we could capture the magic that is an Oklahoma City public high school prom. Lots of top hats and fedoras. Who knew? I was too paranoid (the public exposure charge hasn't been dropped yet...) to actually take any shots. I've been regretting it ever since. So, we head home. Shain wants to catch a midnight movie, but they don't exist here. (You're not in LA anymore, Shain). The upside of this is that there's Waffle House! I opted out of finishing off the night at Riverwind Casino and hit the hay instead.



It had been two weeks since I'd seen my local music favorite, Mike Hosty. Something was missing from my life. Namely, songs about tornadoes and Sierra Nevada pale ale. This was remedied and then some Sunday. As a result, Monday sucked.

And that is my boring life.

Songs of the day (kickin' it old school):
Rich Girl - Hall and Oates
Fat Booty Pants - Mos Def
Honesty - Billy Joel
By Your Side - Sade

Will Ferrell stuff of the day:
Will Ferrell Movie Generator
The Landlord

Promise of the day:
Better posts to come.


Alex said...

waffle house is still dead to me. until they bring back the all you can eat. irrational? yes. but im a man of principle god dammit.

Julie_Gong said...

This is the best thing ever. I can only hope to have children as wonderful as Pearl!

blythe said...

waffle house is mother's milk.

none of my kids have turned out as cool as her. guess i'll keep tying! seriously, though, she totally upstaged mr. farrell.