Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Goulet Wednesday News Round Up

  • Imus said something really, really dumb. Well, guess what. He also looks dumb. Also, add up all the totally asinine things said by Bill O'Reilly, Nancy Grace, Lou Dobbs, Hannity, Limbaugh, the whole freaking bunch, etc and fire all of their asses. [Washington Post]

  • 100 million iPods sold! Mainly, iThink, because 500 million were lost, stolen or broken. [Yahoo]
  • Larry B's the daddy! So, now does that mean the Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, The Insider, etc will be canceled (Finally? And replaced by a rerun of According to Jim? Please?)? When this season of Dancing with the Stars is (mercifully) over, there's literally nothing left. [Court TV]
  • Andrew Bird references Lou Dobbs in song. Reason 1,365,732.62 that I love my AB. [Gawker]
  • Doing the weather on NBC doesn't make you a meteorologist anymore than hosting a show on The Food Network makes you a chef (Rachel Ray), let alone suddenly make you a hard hitting correspondent, but whatever Imus' is an idiot. [Jossip]
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Special Goulet Wednesday News Round Up TV/Movie I saw on TV Feature!

This is what you should be watching because Sanjaya, Lost, Gilmore Girls and Greys suck donkey balls these days.

Human Giant: You know, those funny guys from Best Week Ever being hi-larious. But on MTV. It's too soon to say this, but I will anyway. It's kind of The State like. Really.

Acceptable TV: Better than a rerun of Scrubs and then some.

Freak Show: David Cross, H. Jon Benjamin (Home Movies anyone?) and a bearded clam.

Grandma's Boy: I have a thing for Nick Swardson. What can I say?


John said...

Finally, skin shots for Raytards.

John said...

Nothing quite as sexy as a colander.

blythe said...

you know it. there's a whole spread. it's revolting. especially because i can't get her out of my head. just imagine her rubbing her "delish" body down with "evoo." that's so "yummo!" oh rachel.