Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pure Drivel

Lay Lady Lay:

Friday night I did something I haven't done in maybe a year. I stayed in. And, you know what? It wasn't that bad. In fact, I kind of liked it. I caught up on magazines, Vh1, and painted my nails. I woke up not hungover Saturday, too! I just might try this again sometime.

I am a giant idiot (in so many ways):

Saturday, Shain abducted me from my house and made me eat pastry. Afterward, he tried to take a nap in his car. Later, he tried to crush himself between his seat and the steering wheel. Must be an LA thing.

Then I made him go to the Apple Store in OKC so I could check out the iPod Shuffle. I am an educated lady (I use the term "educated" loosely, of course), but sometimes, I wonder about myself. As do those around me or those who have ever known me, I imagine. I pick up the display shuffle telling Shain I'd probably want one in green. Then I reach for the green one, which is housed in a lucite case. I do not realize this and bonk my hand into the display like a giant idiot. The (rather attractive) sales guy immediately quips, I've never seen that before. Yeah, thanks. Shain is dying laughing, my face is so red it hurts. I hate everything. So, we wander about some more, I touch things I probably shouldn't, am horrified by photobooth and the prices of Apple products. I pick up the good ol' regular iPod (which I decide I will save up for, since I have, like 10 million songs I always need to be listening to) and manage to knock over the spec thingy sitting on the table. My sales friend zooms over with, I heard a commotion, thought it was you. ARGH! I am hopeless. I left shamed and empty handed. But what's new?

Then we meandered about the mall, me dragging Shain into my favorite haunts (i.e. all that is available in the metro). I showed him the purse I wanted at J. Crew, he said no. I picked out a dress at Banana Republic, he said I couldn't wear it. Shain has also determined that I need help in the boy department and decided that hitting on employees at Abercrombie was the perfect place to start. After he drug me into Hollister and laughed at me, I decided to call it a night. Needless to say, that is the last time we will venture into stores together.

We headed back to Norman and met some of Shain's high school friends/debater nerds for a drink. I totally still have a nerd crush on one of the kids (ok, not really, but sort of, yes). I remember him from when he was in Math Counts in middle school. I thought that was so hot. Anyhoo, I am a terrible social conversationalist when it comes to hanging out with people I've just met or met very recently. In fact, I turn pretty much retarded for lack of a better word. I managed to stupidly insult a few people and not in a clever way - in a just plain dumb way. I need to take classes or something. This kid was talking to me about the upcoming Neko Case show and I tried describing her music by saying something riveting and profound like, it's kinda folksy, but not, but sort of. However, when he was leaving, he did shake my hand, say, nice to meet you, hopefully I'll see you at the Neko Case show (Beau, are we still on, if we were?). Uh huh. He probably says that to all the girls. The night ended with us crowded around a laptop, because, we are nerds. We decided this is funny:

Ye Olde Freakfest:

If it's late March/early April, this must be the Medieval Fair (points if you know this movie reference - I have a thing for Suzanne Pleshette). And it is. It is a Norman institution and until I moved to MA, I went every year. It's your typical Renaissance Fair fare, with which I'm sure we're all familiar. My goal in life is to eat funnel cakes at any venue possible. Today, I failed miserably. I am a champion eater, but even I couldn't conquer the funnel cake after lunch today. I am deeply disappointed in myself. But mostly for other reasons. Behold the Medieval Fair:

The elusive funnel cake.
Too many funnel cakes.

Beautiful Oklahoma blue sky.Look closely. Ye Olde Sock Monkery.

Ye Olde Pimpe.
Ye Olde Sluts.

An enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma:

Speaking of bad fashion decisions:

I lost my friend Maggie in the breakup. It's just one of those things. Her BF is friends with the exBF and we just couldn't hold it together. But I miss her. And her fashion sense. She was pretty much the most fashionable thing around in Noho (if you're not into skirts + pants, tie dye, hemp, filth, etc). Basically, I have no idea what to wear now that it's springtime, not that I did in winter. However, I do know not to wear a tiny backpack, Mom.

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