Monday, May 14, 2007

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday

I was doing some organization of the ol' playlists this weekend, digging up forgotten favorites, when I noticed that I rarely listen to lady singers. What's up with that? Aside from Feist and some Cat Power here and there, I'm kind of stuck in a boy band rut. Hmm. See below (must listen in bold):

You Drift Away - The Postmarks: Yes, they canceled their show, but I forgive them.

Post War - M. Ward: This song literally reduces me to a pile of goo. There's something about it that renders me motionless (even my eyelashes relax), but still makes me want to slow dance.

Alaska - Dr. Dog: This is perfect summertime music. It was 90 degrees this weekend. I sweat. It was great.

Red Eye - Ben Kweller: I kind of od'd on this Ben a bit ago, but this song put him back in my rotation.

Not for All the Love In the World - The Thrills
: Yeah, I know this one's been out for awhile and it's probably been used in a movie staring Ashton Kutcher and/or Hillary Duff, but whatever. I like it.

Love of the Loveless* - Eels: I always forget how much I love the Eels. *Not the band's music video, but I couldn't find anything else.

Alternative to Love - Brendan Benson: No, we are not related. Yes, we are both exceptionally talented. I'm not a huge White Stripes fan, but the Raconteurs have been rocking my socks lately. Then I find Brenden doing his own thing (which apparently happened years ago - I've never claimed to be on top of this stuff). Fantastic. This is my favorite song this week. I'm not sure what version this is, it's all I could find. Be sure to check out the album version.

I've Been Thinking - Handsome Boy Modeling School: I have to admit, I'm not as impressed with the latest album (So...How's Your Girl is genius), but this song, featuring Cat Power, isn't too shabby.

Easy / Lucky / Free - Bright Eyes: I am becoming obsessed. This is not good.

Here's a Telephone - Page France: I have no idea who or what these people are, but I like this song. A lot.

The Way We Get By - Spoon: Confession time - I didn't know who Spoon was until I Siobhlogger put them on a mix for me because I Turn My Camera On was on Veronica Mars. I think Paper Tiger is still my favorite, but they're reliable all around.

Must Be The Moon - !!!: This video is pretty much my normal Friday night.

Lovers Need Lawyers - The Good Life: It's true. I might have my dog, but probably not because lawyers need money.

Heard Somebody Say - Devendra Banhart: He's so weird.

What Light - Wilco: Hello old friend. I've missed you.

I'm a Broken Heart - The Bird and the Bee: I am.

All You Need to Do - The Feeling: I like songs that sound like they use megaphones.

Mermaids - I Am Kloot: When I was little, I'd take those diving rings and put them around my ankles and then pretend I was a mermaid when I was in the pool. Fun times.

I Went To The Hospital - Cass McCombs
: Sounds like it was recorded in a lonely bathroom. You'll have to iTunes it yourself.


Clinton said...

Devandra Barnhart one time came into the video store I used to work at. He was very nice, but is EXACTLY how you'd think he would be, personality-wise. That is to say, he's totally a spaced-out hippie. But, again, very nice.

blythe said...

what did he rent?

Clinton said...

It was a documentery of some sort, but that's all I remember. He did pay with cash, though; I can tell you that much.