Sunday, May 27, 2007

Champagne, you are a snake in the grass.

I think the beginning of the end was that there was a four hour gap between the wedding ceremony and the reception. I'm not sure what was happening with the bride and groom during this little break (I have a guess, but I've yet to find someone who needs four hours), but most of the youngsters were guzzling red bull and vodka at an alarming rate. Gotta prepare for the free bar, you know. We made our way to the reception location and were greeted with the first of many glasses of champagne. The reception was held at the Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, which was interesting. There were no flowers allowed. There's kind of an atriumish area that served as the dance floor featuring a giant bronze mastodon. Who doesn't love dinosaurs? During the speeches and cake cutting, Morgan and I almost exploded from stifled laughter because the whole thing took place in front of its balls. Right, so food eaten (delicious, delicious gravlax!), speeches made, old people music played, champagne eagerly consumed, youngerish people music played, dance dance revolution. It was actually really fun seeing all of these kids from high school with whom I don't usually hang out, since they're all better than me and shit. I saw one kid that I haven't seen in forever, but was in MA at MIT the same time as me. We should've been friends. Oh well. I eeked out a polite hello to the exbf's father and expertly avoided his mother. I hope a good time was had by all and I wasn't a terrible date.

As per usual, the end of the night gets a little fuzzy, but I've figured a few things out. I talked at length to parents of an elementary school friend, who hopefully thought my tipsiness was charming. I return stalked the kid that propositioned me at New Years. We all headed over to one of the groom's friends hotel room for an after party of sorts. I think I ate pizza as I woke up with a touch of heartburn. I almost dropped some gifts. I definitely smoked a cigarette. I slept on a sleeping bag. All in all, not too bad, for me. Except maybe it was. I dunno.

I took a few pictures, but I look terrible, so instead, I'll provide you with a moment when Morgan was asked by the father of the groom (to whom you never say no) to serenade the couple with an acapella rendition of For Sentimental Reasons. It was a good party trick. She also caught the bouquet. And there were a lot of ladies competing for that one.

And now my feet hurt from wearing heels for a million hours. Does that count as a work out of any kind?

Update: I had another snapshot of the evening. It involved me somehow roping Seth Witten into a conversation. Sorry buddy, I'm sure it wasn't the most coherent of my life.

Also, in case you're living under a rock, Linds got busted! [TMZ]

And now, back to the Monk marathon on USA. You know you want to.

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