Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's me snitches

Hey there. Sorry for the absence. I checked Sitemeter and all three (3) of you that read have logged on to find no new content. I've just been really busy. Mainly, I've been occupied by things like shame, Mexican food, 13 year olds, sobbing through the last episode of the Soprano's (it's alright, baby), helping my brother pass high school English and the series finale (BOO CW!) of Veronica Mars. So, yeah.

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday (Wednesday edition):

This weekend, I embarked on one of the strangest drinking experiences I've had yet. Initially it involved me being able to finally being able to put my obsessive reading of all Robert B. Parker novels (hello Spencer!) to good use by answering a Trivial Pursuit question correctly, but ended with my underwear. Don't ask, but just know, I destroyed all of the pictures along with any remaining dignity and my liver. It reminded me of many a lost weekend spent in the bowels of a certain fraternity basement at Dartmouth during my college years. When you're 20 and attend a women's college, it's (in my book) completely acceptable to rage for an entire weekend amidst popped collared date rapists playing pong until six in the morning, booting in an already puke-filled trashcan, showering where entitled boys jerk off regularly, then starting all over again by 10(am). However, I am no longer 20. In fact, I'm almost 26 and such behavior must come to an end. And it has. I will now dedicate myself to mature pursuits. I will read books. I will go for runs. I will eat salads. I will read the newspaper from front to back. I will watch Planet Earth. I will figure out what happened to that 401K. I will stop buying all of my clothes at Forever 21. I will consider life insurance.

In the meantime, I present you with this fraternity basement inspired mix:

That Was A Crazy Game of Poker - OAR
The General - Dispatch

Barrel of a Gun - Guster

Miss Fat Booty Pants - Mos Def

Get It Together - Beastie Boys
lack Betty - Ram Jam

The Seed (2.0) - The Roots

I Just Wanna Love U (Give it 2 Me) - Jay Z

Fool in the Rain - Led Zeppelin

Thunderstruck - AC/DC

Children's Story - Slick Rick

Digital Love - Daft Punk

Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest

Can't Get High - Widespread Panic

So, just a small sampling. I'm not going to lie, most of my time was spent pounding solo cups of Natty Light or fighting with the exbf, so the details are fuzzy. M-ret and I once infiltrated the sacred 100 disc changer and played our own mix. Then we got in trouble. And then I found $5.

More to come soon (like Goulet Wednesday, my favorite Seinfeld episode, thoughts on the most recent Sopranos ep, school's almost out, my baby brother is graduating from high school which means I'm super, best dog ever, non-frat playlist, etc). Time to watch Red Eye, so catch you on the flipside, suckas.



Beau said...

Black Betty is by Ram Jam, not Ram Bam, also Northeastern frats must be way different, because there would be a lot more Creed, Nickelback, Chingy and other more despicable choices if you took a sample from the other 30 radios to which I was subjected.

blythe said...

of course it's ram jam. it was late. yeah, northeastern frats are a different breed. no house mothers. piss filled basements. tomorrow's business leaders watching porn together at 3pm on a tuesday while on a coke bender. 12 purebred dogs roaming about, feasting on cigarette butts. it was disgusting on so many levels, but so fun. (don't tell anyone.)

Julie_Gong said...

I'm glad I didn't go to college where ever beau went. I could not handle Creed or Nickelback.

My school was lame and we didn't have frats and such. Eff those catholics! To make up for it we listened to a lot of rap. Gangsta rap which at times is just as bad as Creed and Nickelback.

blythe said...

they actually play creed at guantanamo. for reals.

gangsta rap is just what the dr. (dre) ordered sometimes, you know?