Thursday, May 31, 2007

Confessions of a person with nothing interesting to post about.

Since it appears that literally no one is reading this thing anymore (is it something I said? I didn't think it was any shittier than usual, but eh, what do I know?), I thought I would take this time to get a few things off my chest.

1. I am 83% in love with Jason Bateman and 104.36% in love with Michael Cera. Brother bee-spot was infected with the sickness that has stricken all of Norman, so, being the good sister I am, I made him drive me to Blockbuster to pick up season one of Arrested Development. Now, I've seen every episode twice, but the little bro has not, so we spent last night catching him up, and, well, I am more in love than ever. Yes, I realize both are out of my target age group, but fuck it. Michael has a band! He's in a new movie! He's darling! I just checked his MySpace page. We both like The Master and Margarita and Brendan Benson. Meant to be. Jason must be a sarcastic bastard with a heart of gold, just like Michael Bluth and I love him for it. Actually, since this is confession time, I just said I had a TV crush on Jason Bateman to not make it so weird that I think an 18 year old is neat. Lame, I know.

2. Speaking of lame, I love Netflix as much as the next two million people that use it, but there was a special something about actually going to Blockbuster last night and that something was a Diet Coke and Twizzlers. Netflix can't deliver that to your door. Unless I've forgotten so sign up for some new service. Which reminds me of the doomed that I experienced my summer living in NY. Man, that was great. I could order a movie, Ben and Jerry's, and Elle and it would arrive in maybe 36 minutes. Sweet. Not that I did that. I was out every night soaking up culture and shit.

3. My parents are going out of town this week and I'm having the party I never had in high school. Score! Yeah, so, I don't have as many (or any) friends as back in the day, but this time I can buy beer. Sunday night, my place. See you there. Seriously. Not even kidding.

4. Galaxy Quest is a totally rad movie. Completely underrated. I will watch it every time, but I like to deny I enjoy it for some reason. Makes me feel too nerdy. If that's possible.

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5. This isn't really any kind of revelation, just something that happened yesterday. My dad's b-day was a few weeks back (see iPod incident), but I guess my grandparents just got around to sending a gift. Or something. Because when he opened the package he found the following: two rolls of toilet paper, paperback book, flashlight. Can someone explain this?

6. I hate Facebook. It's like a technological manifestation of the cool kids lunch table (X and Y are in a relationship! I'm sooo tired from being in the Peace Corps and saving the world! So and so finally decided that American Idol sucks and changed her interests.) I didn't sit at it then and I don't want to pretend like I'm sitting at it now. I'm considering signing off. The shame!

7. I want AJ to kill Tony. Livia tries to kill Tony, Junior tries to kill Tony, Tony kills Christopher, Tony saves AJ. Remember last week how Carm was blaming Tony's family for the "curse" of depression? So, AJ kills Tony and ends this alleged "curse" and completes the circle by reversing the motif of filicide. Of course, it happens in the pool. Also, while I will miss the Sopranos dreadfully, I'm looking forward to being released from its steely grip because I've been terrible at watching Lost these past few weeks. I've got a lot of catching up (i.e. geeking out on fan websites) to do.

8. I like Taco Bell.

9. I read like it's my job.


Books I claim to be reading:

"Books" actually read:


Dan said...

"no one"? well, I never...

Do you mean to say that you are a Lost fan and you haven't seen the Season 3 Finale yet?

blythe said...

well, almost no one. i think i mean, no one's been commenting, sending me into a spiral of blog posting self doubt. fun!

i saw the last episode, but it made no sense, since i hadn't seen the previous episodes. because i am smart like that. also, i'm spoiled. i'd much rather wait for the dvd and spend a week on the couch than deal with the suspense a weekly show causes. i get physically nervous between shows. it's sad, really.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Galaxy Quest was on last night on TBS (I think). I forgot how good that movie was (although I hate admitting that I like any movie with Tim Allen in it).

Jess said...

Dude, I wrote about installing my window air conditioning unit yesterday. THAT is lame.

John said...

Did I see a book by Brian Greene in your "to do" list? I saw him talk at OSU. It's fun to watch the crazy people come out of the woodwork to ask him questions.

blythe said...

cherry ride - i think you're right. i had a dream about it, so i must've fallen asleep with the tv on. my life is so awesome.

jess - hey, but that signifies the triumphant return of summer! nothing lame about that.

john - oh yes. for every brain cell i kill, i try to read a page of something interesting. those two don't go together very well. also, i always think oklahoma state when i see osu, not ohio. and then i found $5.

Julie_Gong said...

I hope you saw this... And don't worry he's 19. Even better!

blythe said...

thanks julie! 19 is so within the realm of relationship reality. in fact, it's probably the only thing holding michael and i back. oh, and thanks for the link. i'm glad someone else reads bwe. it's my online bible. which is actually the new title of the forthcoming arcade fire album. ha. i am so funny.

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