Thursday, May 17, 2007

Goulet Wednesday News Round Up (Thursday Edition)

I've received several emails and calls lamenting the lack of Goulet Wednesday News Round Up. Again, I apologize. Sometimes I just get busy. Gettin' busy. No, that's not true. Neither is people wanting this post. In fact, I got an email asking me to stop. Thanks Mom.

  • Get well soon Pam! This is precisely why I avoided high heels for so long. Thank God it's summer and wear my flip flops. Also, I go nowhere fancy. [Pop Candy]
  • In a related story, The Office season finale is tonight. [NBC]
  • In another related story, my Thursday nights return to sucking.
  • Not late breaking, but funny. Also, this totally happened to me once back in college. Except the calling 911 part. I thought I was hearing voices until the next day, when I realized I was - because I had been watching TV. [Freep]

  • At Smith College, we had this wonderful, magical thing called the "free box." It was usually in the dorm kitchen, brimming with the best cast off clothing a 40K per year education could buy. I lived in a pretty crunchy house, so everything was made of hemp and smelled like patchouli and pits. (However, in the quad, where the straight rich girls hid, you could score some pretty sweet stuff. Real Lacoste and shit.) Anyway, I'm pretty sure Brit got this outfit from the Sessions house free box. Also, she hates her mom. [Yeeeah]

  • Remember how great Sports Night was? Me too. One more Aaron Sorkin show down the drain. [CNN]
  • Dear Mark Ruffalo, you are my favorite. [Pop Sugar]
  • Dear America, you are retarded. Really? You voted Melinda off? If Blake wins, I'm moving to Canada. [Dlisted]
  • Jessica Alba has a drinking problem. A sexy drinking problem. [WWTDD
  • I honestly don't remember what my life was like before Best Week Ever. Probably sad. [BWE]


Clinton said...

Total Sports Night junkie here. Own the DVDs, force them on others, etc. Having said that, I was never 100% behind Studio 60. It wasn't bad; god knows the cast was good enough. But it just didn't... I don't know... click, I guess.

But that's me.

blythe said...

totes agree. sports night was the balls. i too have the dvds and have gone so far as to enforce mandatory family viewings. studio 60 - eh, not so much, but better than whatever else was on (probably according to jim...). i had high hopes, but i kinda hate matthew perry for no reason.

John said...

I really love the tape of the cop's 911 call:

"'I think we're dying,' he said in the 5-minute tape, obtained under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. 'We made brownies and I think we're dead, I really do,' Sanchez continued."

And then he asks for the hockey score! Classic.

blythe said...

it's a classic, huh? "time is moving really, really slow." HA!