Friday, May 11, 2007

It's Friday, I'm Not In Love

I decided to keep a diary of sorts this week to chronicle my unlovelife. I'm not sure why. I don't really focus on it all that much as there are other things to think about (1. When is Forever 21 opening? 2. What's on sale at the liquor store? 3. What has Lindsay done this week? Oh Lindsay...). Not a lot of action these days. Perhaps a good thing, though. I was kind of on overdrive there for a bit.


10.15p: Time for my weekly dose of Americana and Pacifico at the Deli with a friend.
11ish: See one night stand/high school acquaintance amidst the crowd. Now, this really shouldn't be weird, and it's not, except it kind of is for some reason. I'm an adult. This is nothing new. There's still something about being in a room with someone who's been in you. You know?
12ish: Am smoking cigarette. This is not a good sign. In fact, it's the international Blythe sign for tipsy and take me home asap.


2,4,6a: Bolt awake to the lightning/tornado battering Norman. Apparently, I have a love/hate relationship with lightning. It fascinates me, but I want to hide under the bed.
8a: See five missed calls from my mother who cannot handle the fact that sometimes I stay out all night. Resolve to have a talk with her about this.
7p: Discuss sad state of affairs with brother bee-spot. He decides to revive me by ordering pizza, extra pineapple. Just what I need, right? But it's a nice thought.
8:55p: Old high school boyfriend calls. We discuss the finer points of MS word and shoot the shit for a bit.
11p: Hit the hay. Alone. Not entirely. Claire curls up in my leg crook.


9a: Half day at work. Use time to run errands. Lots of holidays and b-days coming up. Speaking of which, I have about five birthday gifts to various friends backlogged (Sadly sitting in their respective bags in my closet . I'll get to it. Which reminds me of my impending birthday. Being single and 26 is ok, right?
1p: I like to subject the kiddos to my music as my own anthropological experiment. They do not like Arcade Fire or Son Volt. They do like Ben Kweller and Postal Service. They abhor Bright Eyes. They do not know what the word "abhor" means. Suddenly wish I could subject a more captive audience to my musical stylings.
1.05p: Think about what to make for dinner. Miss my own kitchen. Miss cooking with someone other than family. Miss food adventures.
8.30p: Whine my way into convincing Mr. Shain to go to the Postmarks show at the Opolis. Guilt brother bee-spot into it too. We all arrive to discover the show has been canceled. We head to Bison Witches for a beer, which turns into sandwiches in lieu of ice cream, which is not on the menu. Brother bee-spot and Mr. Shain have a field day insulting me. Remember field day?


5.45a: Am I really waking up this early? Actually, it's much easier to wake up early alone. No blissfully sleeping person next to you to tempt you back into bed and be late. I decide I am much more productive, therefore happier sleeping alone regularly. Yes.
11.30a: Have fielded the usual questions from the kids about why I still don't have a significant other, etc (they like to give me shit every couple of weeks). They all do and can't understand what's wrong with me. There's a dance at school this Friday. They're all atwitter with who's going with whom.
8p: FINALLY convince L-Ma to make a social call. We meet Alex at Starbucks. Run into Andrew, whom I haven't seen in a few weeks, who invites me to be his wedding date (unless I misunderstood him) in a few weekends. Score! I love weddings. I really do. However, there is the potential of running into the exbf (I doubt he would fly home for this, but if his mom tells him to, he will) and definitely his parents. I've always liked his dad and have kind of missedhis jolliness. Must lose 20 pounds, gain boyfriend, cure cancer and become famous before May 26. I can do it.
9p: Lady at Starbucks has, I would guess, a 3 month old shepherd mix puppy that is literally breaking my heart. With every clumsy pounce, my aorta cracks. Her name is Delilah and she looks just like puppy Zealand, who I am starting to think I will never get over. It's stupid how close you can get to a dog.
12: Go to bed surprisingly content with things.


10.40a: Escape to Starbucks (it is unusual for me to be there twice in one week, I promise...) during my planning period. Am driving back to school with my iced coffee that I don't really want, but I'm trying not to eat anything (until after May 26), and am caught off guard when my eyes well up. I am listening to Bright Eyes singing "Make a Plan to Love Me." Fuck you Bright Eyes. I am turning into a teenager.
6p: Have plans to watch Metropolis at the museum at OU (and nerdily test my knowledge and memory of Weimar cinema), but end up heading back to school to watch a choir concert. A few kids requested my presence. They're hard to say no to. Mostly because some of them could totally beat me up. They actually seem appreciative that I'm there. Warm fuzzy moment.
8p: Engage in epic email conversation with Mr. Shain about all kinds of meaningless stuff. He's heading back to LA soon. I will be decidedly sad.
9.53p: Staring blankly at computer screen thinking about plans for this weekend.


4p: After school drinks. Much better than an after school snack.
5.30p: Now what?


Greg said...

Well, your week was a whole lot more exciting than mine! :)

(Nice pick on the song on your MySpace profile, BTW. I love love love that song. "Sweet Life" is awesome, too.)

blythe said...

i'm new to !!!. they're freaking nuts. but i like it.

Alex said...

i can't believe you didn't add my unintentional (yet perfectly timed) chair falling fiasco. it was pretty epic.