Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday and P.S.A.

Warning - this is a super weird mix of shit I've been listening to.

Texaco - Blitzen Trapper: So guess what? These guys are playing with the Hold Steady and Illinois when they come to town! Guess who already has her tickets...

This Will Be Our Year - Ok Go: Apparently, I have a soft spot for the Zombies. This cover is so sweet.

Shelter - Ray Lamontagne: When I'm lonely, I know I can always listen to good ol' ray and know there's someone else more miserable. Thanks for that.

Ankle Injuries - Fujiya and Miyagi: Crazy song. Crazier video.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel: Yes, this band and song have been out for forever. It's still a winner. Also, I finally realized that this song reminds me of Elvis Perkins.

Summertime Cowboy - Husky Rescue: Remember this? Ah yes.

Soft Serve - Soul Coughing: Mike Doughty has that monotone thing down and I just can't resist.

Magazine Called Sunset - Wilco: I don't know. It sounds like a tropical drink.

Speaking of which, Mermaid Avenue is my album of the week. Get it. Listen to it. Thank me later (even though it came out in '98 and chances are you already have it and are tired of it).

P.S.A. - Go see Waitress. It was delightful. It was all warm and fuzzy and chick flicky and I totally ate it up. Also, there is a brilliant montage featuring Cake, which automatically makes this one a favorite. Chances are, you haven't heard this one in a bit. Enjoy. Short Skirt/Long Jacket.

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