Thursday, May 03, 2007

bee-spot suggests:

in lieu of an entertaining story or insight, here's a list of stuff that I would stick up for in a fight.

Honey Gentle Water, by L'occitane
Very soft, subtle spring sweetness and water based. Good for those of us sensitive to traditional perfumes.

Say what you will, but this record is something else. Innovative music videos (back when MTV actually played them) and relentlessly clever hooks about sweaters and surfing never sounded so good.

Survivor Man - Discovery Channel
Les Stroud is not as ruggedly good looking as Bear Grylls, but watching him lug his equipment across the tundra, through a rainforest and over a desert while honestly recounting his emotional and physical state is better than any other reality tv on today (ok, maybe aside from Dirty Jobs and Flip This House).

Hazelnut-chocolaty spread of the gods. Crepes? Sure. Toast? Ok. Fluff sandwich? Even better. Finger? Of course.

Psych - USA
If you've ever found yourself at home on a Friday night, you're a loser. Psych! Or, that's what you could be watching (or, as I do, you could catch the reruns... right...). While Monk is a winner, I'm kind of tired of the gimmick, but I still love detective shows. Plus, the guy's pretty good looking. So.

Creme Brulee Ben & Jerry's
I'm not a huge ice cream fan - sometimes in the summer or when it's a necessity, but this flavor is really tasty. I also don't like chocolate per se, so this is a nice alternative.
Portland based Khaela Maricich brings charm and sincerity to pop without saccharine. "Parentheses" is my favorite love song of the moment. "When you're, holding me/ We make a pair of parentheses."

Forever 21
Scoff if you must, but this store is packed with some of the best values out there. Shirts for $6.90! Skirts for $15! Cheap jewelry galore! Sure it all falls apart in two weeks, but you don't feel bad when you leave your earrings on someone's floor, in someone's car, etc.

FAGE Total 0%
This Greek yogurt is good enough to be desert. And fat free! Sign me up.

Jarvis - Jarvis Cocker
Who doesn't like Pulp? No one. So take a listen to Jarvis' new album. From start to finish.

Down comforters with no top sheet
Trust me. A good down comforter will be perfectly warm in the winter and delightfully comfortable in the spring. The key is no silly top sheet to stand between you and the fluff.

Iced green tea
I make a new pitcher everyday. Somehow, it's much easier to drink than hot. Hello antioxidants.


Alex said...

with the exception of the blue album, weezer is the suck. then again, i might be jaded because pinkerton was awful yet weezer fans constantly shove it down my throat.

Mr. Shain said...

i didn't notice my name on that list... i'm just sayin'.

Julie_Gong said...

I won't fight you on the Les thing because I am wicked awesome with a bo staff but we both know you're wrong.

blythe said...

alex - yeah, i know. that's why the blue album only is listed. although, i do like that song about half japanese girls.

mr. shain - where's the approval matrix? huh?

julie - i'll meet you in indiana with my nunchuks or however you spell it to settle this once and for all.