Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Goulet Wednesday News Round Up

Oh fuck me. It's Wednesday already. Jeez.

  • YESSSSS!!!! Brit's back! Don't call it a comeback. (Ok, I won't.) [WWTDD]
  • In a related story, Breasty Spears. [Egotastic]
  • Ryan really left Reese for this? Really? Obvs, love is blind. I have hope. [Go Fug Yourself]

  • Keep watching Acceptable TV! It's real funny.

Uh, yeah, pretty much every weekend. (An aside - remember when the Legend of Zelda first came out (we're talking old school Nintendo)? It was totally sweet and awesome. My dad used to let me stay up late (after Mom had gone to bed) and be his navigator using this map that came with the game. I even made up words to the song. Get me tipsy enough (cause that's hard) and I'll sing it.) [via BWE]

  • Two people you've barely heard of are calling it quits Why do I care, you ask? Because I am in love with Bradley Cooper. That's why. [TMZ]
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I think I am the only person who watched Kitchen Confidential, aren't I. There's just something about Anthony Bourdain.
  • Pam Anderson is joining the circus. Insert joke about freak boobs here. [PopSugar]
  • George Tenet or George Ten Inch? Guess who was on Ron Jeremy's high school soccer team? Well, ok, you don't have to guess because I just told you. [TMZ]
  • Klaxons do Timberlake. Check out "My Love." I can't remember where this came from, sorry.
  • I can't let a week go without checking in on my girl Lindsay. Yup, still a talentless tramp. Just the way I like her. [Dlisted]


Alex said...

if you don't think i'm getting that song out of you in the near future you're kidding yourself.

blythe said...

i'm never drinking again, remember? ha.

Alex said...

we shall see my friend. but in that case, ill never have to repay you for picking up the tab following the forgotten tall wallet incident! huzzah! and, ill find a way to get that song one way or another!

blythe said...

true. we shall see.