Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Goulet Wednesday News Round Up: Blythe's Boring Life Edition

The end of school is making me crazy(-y+ier)). The kids have gone completely ape shit or whatever. Pretty much all of the delinquents have been suspended, but have inspired the previously good kids to mayhem in their last days of compulsory education. There's a food fight scheduled during 8th grade lunch on Friday. I will be wearing a poncho. It will be like Gallagher, but probably funnier and with less watermelon. But who knows. Anyway, point is, I'm a wee bit stressed out. When I get stressed out, instead of doing productive things like exercise, meditate, breathe deeply, I do things like spend insane amounts of time online and watching copious amounts of TV, searching for things to make me forget about my lame ass if only for a couple of minutes.

Stuff of note: (Chances are you are more familiar with this shit than I (in fact, I'd be worried if you weren't), but blow me. I'm a slow learner.)

  • This Robot Chicken clip makes me pee my pants with laughter. Maybe it can do the same for you.

  • Human Giant 24 hour marathon! It was awesome! I watched a lot of it. A lot. If you can figure out how to make The Illusionators my ringtone, I'll pay you $5. Thanks.
  • Speaking of magic, this is sorta funny.

  • Everyone loves to hate Red Eye as much as me! [Gawker]
  • Blake totally sucked last night. It's a lock for Jordin. Not that I care. But I do. Enough with the fucking "beat boxing." (Good) people have been doing it for years. Shut up.
  • Only two more episodes! It's all about the pool. The ducks, Tony and Carm's reunion sexy time, AJ's near death experience. Gotta love it! Except when I'm crying because Meadow is crying because Tony is crying because Carmela is crying because AJ has feelings.
  • I'm addicted to reading Splendora. Girly, I know.

Music Time!

Come Pick Me Up - Ryan Adams: I had no idea I liked Ryan Adams this much. Huge! This song is a heartbreaker, but in that good way.

Solta o Frango - Bonde do Role: Hello happysummertimemusic!

Rattlesnake Charm - Sean Hayes: You'll have to get this one from iTunes, but I promise, it's totally worth it.
Prank Calls - Kelley Stoltz
: Piano driven fun. Also, I think he does all of it himself. Impressive.

Jane Weaver - Weathered: Sad bastard, I know. Sounds like it should be on an episode of Grey's.

Australia - The Shins

We've Been Had - The Walkmen: If you like Cold War Kids and ice cream trucks, chances are you'll like this.

Missed the Boat - Modest Mouse: I'm trying to warm up to the news stuff, I really am.

You and Moon - Adem: I have no idea what this is, but catchy. Kind of sounds Psappish.

Cold Hands (Warm Heart) - Brendan Benson: He'd better watch out as Ryan Adams is stepping up to take his place in my cold heart (warm hands).

The Spirits and I - Royal Wood: Can't find it. iTunes. That's what it's there for. Also, glockenspiel!!!!!!

Sweet is the Anchor - Steve Dawson: Also can't find it, but get it, so you have it.

M. Ward and friends played Conan. Chinese Translation is still one of my favorites.


Mr. Shain said...

seriously, no mention of shear genius? really?

blythe said...

don't you need something to blog about or are you just giving up?

Jess said...

"Come Pick Me Up" is one of my favorite songs. Like, ever.

My friend thinks that it should be my first dance song when I get married. And I'm the kind of person who would totally do something like that.

blythe said...

it's becoming one of mine too. it's been on repeat for 48 hours now and i have yet to tire of it. the best thing about being the bride (i hear) is doing whatever you want. besides, you're surrounded by friends and family who probably already know you're nuts, so, i say, play it!!

Clinton said...

Pants? Peed in, thanks to the RB Star Wars clip. I just watched Star Wars the other day, so this was doubley amusing.