Friday, May 04, 2007

It's Friday, I'm in Love

with Friday. I am beat. I wore very cute, but very painful leopard print flats today and my feet want to die. I would give anything for a foot rub, but I also wouldn't accept one because I think my last pedicure was about six months ago and then there's the problem of having no one to rope into the endeavor. Among other things, I had to endure a pep assembly today. The sound of hell is dozens of screaming 13 year old girls - effing cheerleaders. Jeez. Blow out my eardrums. Thanks. Anyhoo, I'm tired, cranky, fighting the urge to drink and generally unpleasant to be around at the moment. Time to nap and regroup, not that you care. Maybe by the end of the day, I'll be in love. Stranger things have happened. Just not to me.

I leave you with this, the namesake:


Mr. Shain said...

what time is the vanities tonight? also, i have a plan to be famous... ask me tonight, can't talk about it here.

blythe said...

is it a plan for both of us to be famous? otherwise, i'm not all that interested.

the vanities is at... do i have to get dressed up? i lost my hairbrush.