Thursday, January 18, 2007

My New York Boyfriend

I have kept this under my hat thus far - I have a New York Boyfriend. We have a perfect relationship based on drunken voicemails, text messages and booty calls. He is everything I want at the moment including, but not limited to well educated, good looking, glasses wearing, snappy dresser, champion drinker, dirty talker, Abercrombie & Fitch smelling, well appointed apartment dweller, etc. The only problem is that he lives in New York. Therefore, I am submitting my resignation as a resident of Northampton, MA effective almost immediately. It's time to move on from this happy, but kind of nutty valley. While some of you are probably thinking, wow, she's really going to move to NY! No, no I'm not. I'm going to move to ... wait for it...

Yup. You see, my friends, in order to get ahead, sometimes you have to go back, or some shit. I would refer to my background in East Asian philosophy for a better explanation, but most of you tired of listening to me ramble on about Lao Zi years ago. I have given myself until August 5, 2007 (my birthday - go ahead and add that to your Google calendar) to a) move to NYC with a real job*, b) apply to grad school (which means I actually have to take the GRE. Eek!), or c) teach English in China.

While I love Northampton, New England, my friends and former dog, I've been here since college, which, it turns out, was a while ago as I am getting old. So, I feel completely justified in throwing in the towel on this phase of my life. Also, there is always the chance that d) move back to Noho with my head on straight (after I've convinced NYB to come with me) will happen.

1. If you live in Norman, OK, I'm coming back! Be my friend! Please? No, seriously, please?
2. You can take the girl out of Northampton, but you can't take the blog out of the girl, so keep reading. Please?
3. If you want to be my roommate in NY or travel companion to China, please contact me for an application as I am scared shitless of doing either alone.

*i.e. corporate sell out type of thing so i can pay the ever looming student loans. lemme know if you got any connex.

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