Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Goulet Wednesday News Roundup

- OH MY GOOD LORD. Still with this? [TMZ]

- Barak Obama is the new Matthew McConaughey. [Gawker]

- iSeriously need this.

- Alright already. Jeez. [Junkiness]

- I just don't get how Marilyn Manson gets dumped, then gets a new underage GF is 2 seconds. Wha? Doesn't she have parents? [WWTDD]

- Duh.

- BREAKING who gives a crap news: [dlisted]

- How come no one cares when I gain 3 pounds? [Best Week Ever]

- Too cute.

- And finally, this gem via Best Week Ever:

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bee-spot said...

does anyone know if i'm violating any sort of copyright laws when i post these links? i'm not right? i'm just trying to keep the folks who don't read celeblogs like it's their job up to date on important information.