Monday, January 22, 2007

Second consecutive post of local interest only

So, as you now know, I am moving from this humble village of Northampton, MA which requires me to you know, pack and shit. I am a confessed shopoholic, clotheshorse, pack rat, etc. I seriously have clothes from 1999 bumping around my closet, even though I haven't been a size 2 since then. Whatevs. I'm still hot shit (please ignore the photo below...). Perhaps you remember this. That was actually AFTER I cleared six (6) lawn and leaf bags of clothing from my former basement/closet. Clothing holocaust #2 has resulted in this pile (this was taken before the pile grew another two feet):

Sarah and I, at midnight, half drunk and/or high on diet coke decided to play a game with my remainders (the giant pile of clothes pictured) called, "what would someone working at the Haymarket wear?" Again, this is of local interest only. If you are a resident of Northampton, or the surrounding area, you know what I'm talking about. Only hipsters of the finest quality (well, for Western Mass) avail themselves of employment at this establishment. Speaking of establishment, the name of the game is to dress as antiestablishment, while remaining as fashionably relevant as possible. Sarah and I have not quite captured this, but we tried.

Are those red cowboy boots, Sarah? Yup, I think so.

Is this the ugliest outfit you have possibly ever worn besides what you're wearing right now, Blythe? Yup. I think so. Also, what's wrong with your face?


Siobhlogger said...

I don't think anything in my closet would work for a haymarket employee. except maybe my wedding shoes.

blythe said...

a) i love your wedding shoes!
b) i'm sitting at the HM right now. dizzam, wish i had a camera. i think winter brings out the best in pseudo hipsters. layering is key for their kind.

alabra said...

the camisole over long sleeve shirt is classic. kind of like wearing your thong over your jeans.

blythe said...

wait. what's wrong with wearing my buttfloss over my levi's? i thought that was "in."