Monday, January 08, 2007

The one where Rosie compares Donald to Lord Voldemort

Seriously, this is still going on? Here's a recap:

There's so much sexual tension between those two, you could cut it with a really unsharp Wusthof that can be found in my kitchen drawer since I lost the good knives in the "settlement." She's gay? Oh right. Whatevs. They so want to make sweet, sweet love to each other. I can tell.


Dan said...

Wusthof is actually a pretty good quality knife. Maybe you just need a sharpening steel of similar quality. The knife and the steel need to be equally strong, otherwise you end up hacking up the knife or unable to get it sharpened properly. And that's all I have to say about Rosie and Donald.

except to say that I like the tent city twist on the Apprentice LA.

Matt said...

I'm afraid to say that I'm on Donald's side. Rosie can't muster even an inkling of genuine maturity from below her blanket of stand-up comedian schtick. Donald is saying what he really believes, much of it in response to the Friar's Club-style roasts that Rosie delivers with her bestest friends on The View. Except Donald isn't in the room to laugh it all up. And she's fat.

Matt said...

Donald is funnier anyway. "Rosie, you're fired."

bee-spot said...

dan - yeah, i think i got the budget version of the knives. pretty sure they're a lost cause.

matt - so angry! team rosie all the way! the donald's an ass. did you see the opening scene of the apprentice la? i think melania is a robot or something. that scarf on her head must be covering her labotomy scar. creeped me out.

p.s. neither of them are funny.