Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Because I am in charge

of this here blog, I can post as much as I want and whatever I want. Therefore, I am instituting a new, recurring post, which will initially occur today, and then maybe never again or perhaps only when I feel like it. I present to you:

Posts from other blogs I read that I think are pretty funny or something that maybe you should read except that then you'll think they're better than me and will stop reading this piece of crap, but since only four people read this pile (including my mom), it doesn't really matter.

Internet dating is hard, trust me, I have "friends" that know. [123 I Love You]

Sometimes, or all the time, I wish I'd had the foresight to keep one, just one, Barbie in her box. Then I could've paid for college. [indexed]

I failed skipping in kindergarten. My mom can comment to confirm. [Leezer]


Dan said...

are you saying the four of us don't matter?

bee-spot said...

you matter the most. believe me.

Dan said...