Tuesday, January 02, 2007

And the hits just keep on comin'

1) I made it back! And I must say, it was kind of hard to leave my little red state in the end. I had a really great time in spite of my bitching. On the flight back, I sat next to a guy from Kansas who is now living on the East Coast as well. It was good to talk to someone who understands the charm of the Heartland, but needs the ideals of the East. Then he offered me his email address (Notre Dame grad with a real job! Good looking too!), then I ran off without taking it. Yup.

2) Oklahoma pride! You know, until we LOST last night to BOISE STATE. Boise State... The game almost gave me a heart attack. It was either that or all of the fried food I've consumed in the past two weeks. I really can't say anymore about it without getting ridiculously morose/crying/throwing things.

3) Mother bee-spot has found this blog and won't stop reading it. So, I guess that's that.

4) But before I stop talking about anything unpleasant/revealing about myself or others, New Years turned out to not be so bad despite the sudden change in plans/location (So sorry JS! I was really looking forward to it!). Went to a party with a bunch of old high school folks. I was told my hair was soft (in fact, the softest ever), that I'd been someone's first kiss a few New Years before, that someone had been in love with me, that no one really likes/ever liked the ex, thinks I can do better, etc. A good time. I had to awkwardly (literally) wriggle out of a proposition by a friend's visiting roommate (although he did meet my education requirements - Rice, no less). But, it's always nice to have a fan. Then I decided to do something totally awesome. It's really hard to go from living on your own to extended stays at home - there are all kinds of rules and whatnot. A friend heading toward my side of town dropped myself and another friend off at my house (since the friend lives on the other side of town). I was going to regroup and then take the friend home. Ok, it's 4 something am and the friend is male. Not the best idea, I suppose, to have him in my room. On the other hand, I'm old and who cares. I can be in his room at his house, but not in mine? Yeah, yeah. Girl/boy double standard thing. And I guess we made more noise than I thought we would while we were trying to gather our wits about us. In any case, woke the parents up, got yelled at, got angry that I'm so old and these things still matter, took the friend home. However, a make out partner and not waking up alone isn't such a bad way to start off the year.

5) 2007 is going to be the shit! Or else.


Dan said...

Sorry about the Sooners, but it took one of the craziest plays in Bowl game history to beat them. Running the Statue of Liberty for a 2 point conversion in OT?!?! That's just insane.

Matt said...

Virginia Tech lost too. We should get together and cry. Why, Georgia, why?

bee-spot said...

seriously. i'm still in shock. at least it was exciting? blah.