Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Goulet Wednesday News Round Up

It's that time again:

- Team Aniston! Fifty points from Angelinador. [Popsugar]

- This happened. All I really care about is watching Salma Hayek in action. I wish I were Penelope.

- Breaking Obvious News: [CNN]. In a related story, I was bored by the State of the Union. I preferred to eat a left over Grilled Stufft Burrito and watch Party Cat play with a stuffed monkey.

- Congratulations universe. You win. Psych! Rainn Wilson is awesome. [Popwatch]

- Whatever happened to Gary Busey? [WWTDD]

- Oh Rachael. So not "yummo" or even remotely "delish." [MollyGood]

- Found this one some website, but I can't remember which. Sorry. Read on: Caring For Your Pet Lohan.

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