Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Goulet Wednesday News Roundup

- I met this kid on Martha's Vineyard this summer! Not Jake, the other. Friends w/Siobhlogger. And he's not gay, Perez. He's just hot and you're jealous. [PerezHilton]

- The truly disturbing thing about this lovely picture of Greasy Bear is that he's got nicer brows than me (but I suppose that's not so hard). [TMZ]

- If I were Catholic, and I'm not saying that I'm not, I would pick Angelina as my saint. [dlisted]

- People still care about this? Whatever. [Defamer]

- I knew it! Maybe that whole creepy "Daughters" song was about Jess and Joe. [TMZ]

- Oh Britney. Do you really need more waxing? [MollyGood]

- This is gossip/observation that only a Food Network whore could love or understand. Don't read if you don't watch. But if you do, it's delicious. [Snarkywood]

- Just for good measure:

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