Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oh Good Lord: a photo essay.

Friday Night/Saturday:

In a cab. G-race is eating Margreat's head.

Waiting for the train. G-race is talking to someone more interesting than me.

Brunching at Bubby's. I win the prize for the fattest face.

We made a special stop for these dumplings, which I cannot stop talking about. I'm serious. When in NY, go to The Cottage and order the seafood dumplings. They are heaven.

Saturday Night:

Alabra trying to literally keep her head on straight. Didn't work. But that's another story for another time.

Sarah joined us at Hugo's after work. If it's after 6, she's in a tux. Natch.

Went across the street to hear OUCH, my favorite localish band (listen to "Juanita"). I can't get enough. Sarah can't get enough Rolling Rock - they were out of Pabst.

Vacuuming at a bar? What?

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