Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week 28 Update

28 weeks down, which means only 12 weeks to go.  Allegedly.  And I need every second.  I've given myself till after January 1 to get my ass in gear.  There are baby rooms to decorate (e.g. a trip to Ikea since that's all I can afford), birthing preparation classes to attend, registries to finally complete, a shower to not ruin, pediatrician to select, birth plan to write, childcare to secure, hospital bag to pack, name to choose... oh my freaking God.  So. Much. So. Little. Time.

In the meantime, says the baby's the size of an eggplant this week.  This is perplexing, because, as you see, eggplants come in many, many sizes.  All I know is that at seven months (maybe?  still confused) I'm definitely crossing from the maybe she's just fat to 95% sure she's knocked up, although, I'm still only rocking a couple pair of maternity skinny jeans with extra elastic in the waist - no panel action yet.  The dreaded maternity pants with those lovely panels are probably right around the corner, though, but mostly because I've been gorging on holiday goodness for days now.  Awesome!


Michael5000 said...

"Birth plan to write"?

blythe said...

i really don't know. it's in all the books. my main concern is that my doc doesn't bring a gaggle of interns into the delivery room while my hooha's on display. that's really my main goal.

Michael5000 said...

Eh, don't worry. They're doctors. It's not like they bring the high school Future Health Care Club on the rounds when the hoohas are showing.