Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 27 Update

I'm thoroughly confused about what starting week 27 means.  Is the end of month six?  Am I already in month 7?  I've never been good at the math (except when I use it for my job, of course *wink*), but my doctor says one thing, the sonogram people say another, and then websites and books yet another.  So, I could be anywhere from five to eight months knocked up at any given time.  All I know is my due date is somewhere between March 21 and March 24.  Which probably actually means May 3.  Whatevs.  I'm certainly is no hurry, yet. 

However, recent developments that indicate I am in fact getting there include, but are not limited to: lower back pain that's actually more like in my butt ( I guess, just lower, lower spine), but only when I "exercise" (which means me hoofing it around the track at the Y with my mom trotting behind for 45 minutes a few times a week, not hardly enough to offset the pre-holiday cookie and fudge damage I'm doing), boob explosion - just when I think they can't get any bigger, bump explosion which has led me to actually pull on a pair of maternity jeggings (ahhhhh - sigh of comfort!) since my attempt at using the belly band thingy made me feel like my pants were a mere seconds away from dropping in public and I'm already paranoid enough, and I cried for no reason (not really, there was a reason, it's just hazy and I've essentially already forgotten it) for about three hours Saturday night. 

In a related story, K put together the crib his mother graciously purchased for us and I received the dinos from Anthro.  AND THAT'S ALL WE'VE GOT!  It's kind of like we think in addition to me giving birth to a human, I will also pop out a pack 'n' play, breast pump, boppy, bumbo, blankets, burps rags, diapers, clothing, baby tub, swing, bouncy chair, wipes, changing pad, changing table, bottles, rocker/glider, college tuition and all of the other million things we should, but don't have.  Oops.


Katherine said...

you just need to register and have a baby shower!

blythe said...

i know, i know. i think i'll pull the trigger on that in january - but i feel guilty asking people to get stuff for us for some reason. i guess i need to get over it!

OkieRover said...

Babies don't come pre-accessorized. You have to have MULTIPLE baby showers to get all that stuff. Remember that silly book Clinton wrote in the 1990s? "It takes a village to raise a child". I cut to the chase and tell you it take the FINANCIAL RESOURCES of a small village to raise a kid. Cliff note complete.
Are you registered anywhere?

Siobhlogger said...

Holy crap you're pregnant! Congrats! Just promise me you won't do one of these:

blythe said...

yeah, we should catch up sometime! it's been what, like four years or something? dang!

and too bad, i already did a shoot where i actually encircle my belly in a tire, while holding a gun dressed in my eighth grade dance costume with a weird scantily clad man standing in a field peering at me in the distance with daddy written on his forehead.

blythe said...

oh, and i can't figure out how to register properly. not everything we need/i want is from one place, nor are the usual suspects the cheapest sources for a lot of items. if i'm going to do this, i at least want to give people the cheapest option - is there somewhere i can just create a big ol' list with items from all over the interwebs?