Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On the first day of Zebmas his people gave to him

one adorable stuffed holiday dinner

We decided to give lil Z a piece of his turkey plate each day until Christmas, but we didn't really count, so... we'll give him the plate Christmas Day.  In the meantime, he's been obsessed with the roll.  He just hangs out with it in his mouth, occasionally giving it a squeak.

In a related story, Z-pain's b-day was probably a couple of weeks ago if when we got him (February 2, 2010) he was around nine weeks or so.  To celebrate, I'm going to bake him some puppy pumpkin biscotti now that holiday break has officially commenced (12 day weekend ahoy!).  Well, it commenced when I peaced out of work at about one this afternoon because we FINALLY finished the hellacious end of year payrolls, but I think it starts now since I just roused from my Snuggie™ incuded nap. 

The point is, happy birthday and Merry Christmas Zeb!  You're my favorite.  (For now.)


blythe said...

tonight it was the green bean rope. he hasn't let it out of his sight yet.

Evie said...

ha, my dog would love to dig into that! The only thing he got for Lewismas was a monkey sweater. Of course the only things on his list were 1) a private farm stocked with other animals for his chasing pleasure and 2) A 24/7 handler to fulfill his every whim and/or a real live Turkey.