Saturday, December 04, 2010

Suck it, Nebrasska

Today's the day. After many a painful misstep this season (in spite of one glorious week/three minutes at the top of the BCS poll), OU finds themselves battling Nebraska one last time (RIP Big 12) for the conference championship. While I'm unsure of our chances, to win, what I am sure of is that this game will be memorable because it'll be the first viewed from our new HUGE ASS/42" TV. That might seem like kid's play to you, but for us, having finally retired my parent's circa 1998 old school 36 incher, it is effing heaven. But, the most important thing is that it was hella cheap. I mean, ridonk. Like less than I can spend on iTunes in an hour. (Not really, but close.) In any case, in spite of, you know, expecting a bebeh, this purchase is actually the most adult I've felt since I signed up for retirement. Kudos, me.


G said...

I have that pair of Tom's you posted! They are FABULOUS and I'm obsessed and want more. The only problem is that they are just white enough to handle NYC grime poorly. ...To me, this is only an excuse to get more.

blythe said...

i was just thinking today that they're too white for me. i'd get 'em all dirtied up in a heartbeat. maybe i'll go for the gold or silver ones. they're so comfortable.