Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 26 Update

Same as week 25.  Except fatter.  Notice I did not say babier.  But fatter.  Because I am eating for 13 at any given time.  This happens every winter.  It's like the minute it drops below 50, I start eating for a small army of very large and very hungry people.  So, now it's the perfect storm of bambino, holiday gluttony and my evolutionary need to pack on the poundage in case of a winter famine.  Awesome. 

But, you know what makes everything better?  Even my fat ass, Heidi Montag sized jugs, jiggly belly etc.


OkieRover said...

Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) is the best song off her first Christmas album IMHO. Hang in there kid.

G said...

Didn't you have a dream once where you were in a singing contest that your parents were judging and you had to sing this song? And then something weird happened.

I pay attention! Or perhaps make stuff up.

blythe said...

i did! how could you remember that? you're amazing, you know.

and, okie rover, THIS IS THE BEST SONG. it's the law.