Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's Saturday, I'm in Love

because Friday did that thing where someone goes, 'hey, what's on your shoes' and then punches you in the face or something. First of all, I was out of oatmeal. Bad news bears. Secondly, I'd finished the last of my Diet Coke Plus 12 pack Thursday, third(ly) my lovely work studies bailed on me leaving early for Fall Break, which left me to do my job all alone with no lunch. WTF? I left for lunch at 4.30. That's when my mom called and told me I'd be meeting her for dinner at exactly 5, because she'd had a horrible day, needed a drink and needed someone to drive her home. Great. Although I enjoyed my expensive margarita (never frozen, never made from a mix, that's just wrong), my buzz was punctuated with poignant old family chestnuts like "you never support me," "why are you never on my side," and "you don't love me because you never support me and are never on my side" when Mom was describing the trials and tribulations that come with being a professional tween wrangler. I feel for her, I do, but I try to help when I guess what she really wants is for me to shut up, nod and order another round. Lesson learned. The point of this is that Friday sucked. I'm trying again today, although today has HUGE potential suck factor because today is THE OU/TEXAS GAME!!!!!

Oh yes. The game so big and ugly it can't be played in the hometown of either team. Also, it's the biggest rivalry and game of the conference, I would argue, so sure, Oklahoma, let Texas gain all the profit of your hard work. Dallas needs more money, Lord knows. Anyway, I have a bad feeling about this. You will all hate me, but I think getting our nuts ripped off by Colorado will have not an invigorating effect, but rather, I think it's a slippery slope to OSU land from here (although, OSU is playing A&M for the Big 12 South title today because we're retarded and lost). Anyway, I have a bad feeling. Or maybe it's just about the traffic. You see, in my infinite wisdom, I have decided to drive to Dallas, not for the game per se (because I think it would be heartbreaking, also, I don't have $1500 for a ticket and my cast iron liver is more porcelain these days) but because Rilo Kiley's playing. Yay! You may hate on Under The Blacklight, but I'm into it. Also, I have a mad crush on Jenny, just like everyone else. I'm on my way soon, but probably only to spend six maddening hours in traffic, and miss the beginning of the game, because I am smart like that. So, friends, since I don't ask much of you, please please please do whatever you do to make sure your team wins, but replace your team with OU. K? Thx.


Dre said...

i'm so jealous. hope you have a blast!

love this video, too... i also posted it a while
back and it never gets old! can't wait for a '15'

G said...

I think you've addicted me to Rilo Kiley. You damn enabler.

Good luck to OU, and to actually getting there in time for the game.


Bad days happen to everyone. Getting retarded drunk always makes you feel better :)

Mr. Shain said...

thanks for redacting our entire night together. especially the part where i threw ice cream out the window and the part where you ate a whole cheesecake and some shrimp.

oh yeah, boomer sooner, etc. and so forth.

d said...

all i have to say is KU WON! against KSU at KSU! that's f'in' unbelievable. that means they're 5 and 0. i think that's the first time that's happened in like, ever.

i only got to see part of the OU/TX game, but the part i saw, OU was winning.

hope you had fun in dallas

Kenzie said...

I love Rilo Kiley!
And, I'm from Dallas.
I hope you enjoyed your visit!

So@24 said...

I totally referenced your "It's Not me, It's Me" entry in my last post.

I just thought you should know.

Julie_Gong said...

do you think Jenny Lewis would let me have her babies?

blythe said...

dre - ooh, that video's gonna be dirtier than the moneymaker.

g - ha. it's all my evil plan.

sailor moon - it's true. can i do that now?

mr shain - i did, in fact, eat a whole cheesecake, because it was a half inch by a half inch. mmm. shrimp. and boring conversation.

d - yay ku! i guess. i dunno. i have it out for all big 12 teams aside from my own, but i understand your victory.

kenzie - i hope you went to the show! it was great! i think spoon and the new pornographers are coming there soon. see you there!

so@24 - thank you for the notice. i don't think anyone's ever actually wanted to write something like me. this is a big day for me.

julie - she would let us, if she could.