Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I just remembered I have a blog and stuff!

In recent weeks it has become evident that Cringesday is no longer serving its purpose as "funny" or "cathartic" and is bordering on "pathetic," "boring" or "unreadable." Therefore, it has been discontinued until further notice, which I expect to be never. Perhaps it is time to reinstate Goulet Wednesday News Round Up (see sample), especially since the namesake is currently awaiting a lung transplant at Cedars-Sinai (NATURE!), you know, to honor him. In the meantime, let me regale you with the real goings on at the Bee-Spot.

  • I found out that the EXBF with Blythe 2.0 (the GF he wrangled a mere minutes after crushing my heart then mixing it with stinging salt to form a sad paste) in tow have moved to New Hampshire. My reaction? I emailed him wishing him well. Or so I think. I'm afraid to check my sent messages for fear that I accidentally wished him hell.
  • A certain blogger has it out for Saint Stoops. I'd just like to post a little reminder about last week's game. It wasn't pretty, I'll give you that, but it was a win. Just saying.
  • I'm going to Austin this weekend. Ideas? Questions? Comments? Concerns? There are tentative plans, but any input to maximize awesomeness would be appreciated.
  • Tonight, I got all geared up for a long walk with my dog. As soon as I opened the front door, Claire pulled me all the way down to the bottom of the driveway and I was jogging to keep up. So I just kept going. For two miles. It was awesome! Also, The Hold Steady is amazing running music. I might do this more often.
  • I have a job. I know. Hard to imagine. I have a desk. A desk with ample space for bull crap officey type stuff, but I refuse to junk it up with Beanie Babies and cacti. I do have a frame. Sadly, it remains empty as there's nothing appropriate with which to fill it. This is where you come in.

  • Food of the day: carmelized onion, goat cheese, grape tomato (w/pepper and olive oil) quesadillas I made for my dad and I with an arugula salad with lemon juice, olive oil and shaved parm.
  • TV of the day: They totally had a sing along to "Birdhouse In Your Soul" on Pushing Daisies tonight. Sweet! (Not to put too fine a point on it.)
  • Song of the day: Can I Kick It? - A Tribe Called Quest (and yes, you can)


Dan said...

I'd recommend taking in a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse theater. Movies, food, beers, waitresses...

Sorry, what were you looking for?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to touch on a few fine points you've mentioned:

1. Goulet- one of my very good friends use to work with his daughter (7 Degrees, but that's more like 3 I think).

2. Austin- go to Quackenbush's and Mad Dogs for coffee/bite and people watching

3. Can I Kick It?- I love that song. Reminds me of an ex who played it a lot. I eventually kicked him to the curb.

4. I notice you have an apple on your desk. How nice of your students. My employees usually leave me rotten banana peels.

JHC said...

Remember all that love I gave Pushing Daisies? Well, I haven't watched it since the second episode. The pilot was whimsical but the second episode was forced whimsy, which I loathe. Now it's just sitting there in my Tivo like a fucking gargoyle, watching me go past it all the time to pick something else. It's become uncomfortable. I think I need to just delete it.
You know how I feel about my whimsy.

Clinton said...

Dan is totally right; Check out the Alamo Drafthouse at all costs. Also, I'd recommend Ruby's on W. 29th St. Best BBQ in town (my opinion, of course).

Dan said...

And because I'm such a good friend (stalker), I just checked the website of a favorite Austin music venue of mine - Emo's on Red River Street - and the Fiery Furnaces are playing both nights at the inside stage. That is a show that I would (am (a stalker)) get on a flight across country to go see. Love the FF, love them live, love live bands at Emo's.

blythe said...

sru - no way! the robert goulet? see, i love connections like these. i might have to meet you in real life so i can say i know someone whose friend worked for goulet. sweet!

jhc - it's not for everyone, i'll give you that for sure. it might be for me, though. i might be a little in love with both ned and chuck. i have to get my inspiration for whimsy somewhere, and where better than an abc primetime show? oh, there is better? hmm.

clinton - i trust that you know your barbecue. this might warrant culinary investigation.

dan - thanks!!! i almost forgot i wanted to see them! i kind of survived last year by chanting "single again." yay! fun!

Clinton said...

The sausage and the chopped beef at Ruby's are off the chain. And right across the street is Vulcan Video, where I used to work/drink for like two years. It's a C-dog walking tour!

Anonymous said...

blythe, if our paths should ever cross in the future, I promise to let you touch my garment while I hold a photo of my good friend who worked with Mr. Goulet's daughter. You bring along your fav photo of Robert and it will be almost like you've met him. I promise. I cannot promise that it will not seem a bit creepy if we do this.

blythe said...

clinton - that sounds sooo good. mouth is watering. wait, what kind of sausage? oh god. dying.

sru - yesss!! i'm really not put off by creepy. if you can't tell already.

John said...

say I'm the only bee in your bonnet!

Also, I noticed the empty 2-liter of Diet Coke on your desk; is it still that hot down there?

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Austin - there's this place there that has the most potent margaritas I've ever tasted. So potent that after a few of them I took a rikshaw ride, yelled "JOSS STONE" to Joss Stone as she was walking across the street (it was sxsw), except my speech was so slurred it sounded like I said "JOSH Stone."

Oh, and I don't remember the name of the margarita place. Hope that helps.

PS - I've missed you heaps.

d said...

i can't help you today as i know nuthin' about nuthin'.

i am still liking pushing daisies. but maybe that's because i'm a little girl. i don't find the whimsy forced and last night's episode was awesome. kristen chenowith is fantastic.

i like the green apple. it's purty.

blythe said...

john - ok, you're the only bee in my bonnet. except for countless screaming argonauts. it's about 60 here. legwarmer weather. i get weird looks. i'm not in hamp anymore. also, i just have a diet coke addiction. except i actually punched the wrong button today and got a coke. i'm planning to spend the rest of the day consumed with guilt. fun!

cherry - i've missed you too! ok, think of that place, because i want one of those. now, of course, but i'll have to wait. in the meantime, i've got to browse for the perfect sentiment.

blythe said...

d - yes! last night was good! and you know where KC's from, don't you? the OKC. and not to mention, she's an alum of my employer, so we're all about her here. i ate the apple. it was way prettier than it tasted. in fact, i can still see the bits i spit out this morning in my waste bin. i almost typed rubbish. am i british or something?

and, people, you're supposed to be helping me come up with photo ideas for the empty frame. right now i'm thinking about a torn out magazine shot of michael cera, my inappropriate crush du jour.

Anonymous said...

I think you got gypped <--- i don't know how to spell it? What happened to the good ol' days when you could buy a frame or wallet with the perfect family already in the frame/picture sleeve?

Big Daddy said...

Don't know where my post went.

I love Jazz any time I am in Austin.

Great southern/cajun food.

JHC said...

I love apples.

blythe said...

sru - you're right. i hadn't thought of that.

big daddy - sweet! thanks.

jhc - me too, obvs. it's apple season.