Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dumbass - OU/Texas - Rilo Kiley - Car Sadness - General Malaise

Sometimes, I do very dumb things. I am always sorry when I do.

OU beat some Texass. It was pretty sweet. Not gonna lie, I was totally worried there for a little bit, but then I drank 10,000 beers and make some stellar guacamole and it was all ok. Yay!

Then I went to a Rilo Kiley show. The first opening band was something I've already forgotten, but The Bird and the Bee followed, for which I had high expectations. Terrible! They do not translate well into a live show. Finally, Rilo Kiley appeared after taking six hours to check all of their instruments 4,000 times. And it was awesome. Although it's sadly not possible, Julie, I too want to have Jenny Lewis' babies. She's ridiculously sensual, but totally commanding and musically credible as a performer. They played a lot from the new album, but some old stuff too as well as some solo Blake Sennett and a lovely rendition of "Rise Up With Fists" from Rabbit Fur Coat. Overall, I was totally satisfied, especially with the encore which was a heartbreaking "Does He Love You." My concert going companion was not so impressed, but he'll come around. I know it. No one can not love them some Jenny her tights and sexy, velvety baton twirler outfit. You can read a more detailed review HERE. [Yes, I am not smart enough to figure out how to do that fancy after the jump thing or blah blah blah blog stuff, so I just posted it on one of my dead blogs. Pretty awesome, huh.]

The worst part about this weekend was that, for whatever reason, the speakers in my sweet ass old lady ride ('99 dolphin grey Toyota Camry) decided to stop working. There's nothing scarier than a three hour drive in total silence along I-35N at 10.30pm. I had a lot of time to discuss my recent breakup with myself, and kind of like Elaine and Puddy on that fateful transatlantic post vacation flight with vegetable lasagna, we broke up then got back together several times. Right now, I'm not sure where I stand because I'm not returning my calls since I left my charger in Texas.

Then, today, I had a "retreat" at work, well, not at work, with coworkers elsewhere about work. I left having an allergy attack and feeling like basically, everything that sucks is my fault. Sweet. While I was driving home in silence, I had this strange scene flash in my head - something I guess my subconscious thought would make me happy. When the exbf and I first brought Zealand (former dog) back to MA as a puppy, we wanted to make sure he was trained to follow us without a leash, so we walked him every night, sans leash. Now I'm having this vision of the exbf and I, bundled up with probably only our eyes showing, skidding around on ice and snow covered sidewalks, holding hands, holding onto each other, with four month old Zealand walking so carefully right between us. We were just walking. So happy with our new puppy. I'm not sure why I thought this would make me happy. All I am now is sad.


CGHill said...

I think I'd have screamed and tried to pass it off as singing, rather than suffer in silence for the whole 200 miles.

Colleen said...

I'm trying to avoid massive cheesiness in this comment, but I wanted to say something like, there's plenty of more stuff like that memory in your future...but it still sounds cheesy. But I have good intentions. Anyway cheese is yummy.

Dan said...

I love cheese. and plastic. and sugar.

I saw Rilo Kiley at Austin City Limits a couple years ago and it was seriously like 115 degrees. Even my sweat was dehydrated. I couldn't turn my head without taking a break halfway through. But she rocked it like it was 80 and breezy. That is one sexy lady.

Michael5000 said...

1. It's weird how you can decide you are going to support a team, just on a lark, and then it turns real. I whooped when OU beat Texas. And I meant it!

2. That Rilo Kiley certainly makes some high-quality rock music. I think we can all agree about that.

3. I have driven many, many miles on I-35 in a truck which didn't (and doesn't) even have a radio. It's pretty bad. Fix those speakers.

4. Those kinds of memories are all glowy because you forget all the things that you were worrying about, or scared about, or angry about at the time. Future Bee-Spot will probably look back wistfully on Current Bee-Spot, coming back from Texas with her speakers blown out, self-reliant and free, answering to no one, and ears still ringing from the Rilo Kiley. "Remember the blog?" she'll think. "Damn, those were good times."

5 of 9er said...

Sadly... I think Rilo Kiley's best days are past. I just cannot get into that last album. And I was disappointed with the J Lewis with the Watson Twins album.

Christopher said...

I could never get into rilo kiley, but I must have listened to rabbit fur coat a million times.

A '99 Camry? It oughtta last you another decade or so. If fixing the speakers isn't in the budget, you can always rock it old school.

Dre said...

at least you had a good time at the show... i'd LOVE to see jenny live!

i do get to see the shins tonight and
cannot wait for that! yay me!

d said...

1. who ARE these people who don't like r.k.? they gotta be nuts.

2. texas blows and deserves every single asskicking it gets.

3. just stay away from people in general it may make you bitter and lonely but at least you won't be disappointed and sad. or, wait. you will. never mind. this is just how life is supposed to make you feel.

So@24 said...

Few things have made me go into instant panic-red alert mode. One of them is when I have blown my speakers while "singing" along to "Thriller". Nothing is worse than a drive without your tunes.