Monday, October 29, 2007

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Random Crap Edition

How 'bout them Redsox! As an honorary Masshole of 6 years, I am obligated to pull for the Redsox. I was just thinking the other day about watching their last World Series win, eating a bajillion hot dogs with Jess C., screaming at the TV while drinking copious amounts of Budlight. When they won, they rioted at Umass because they are super awesome. What says state pride more than defacing publicly funded property? I don't know. In a completely unrelated story, I went to Austin this weekend with many goals including outdoor crap and a Fiery Furnaces show. Did I accomplish these goals? Of course not. I've had a migraine since about last Tuesday and it decided to be a real bastard this weekend leaving me a crabby, whiny, lethargic turd. We managed to eat Mexican food, meander about Barton Springs and Town Lake for hours and hours (we watched some rowing and I was fascinated by dozens of sunning turtles), ate some more Mexican food, took a gander at 6th Street before I felt barfy, went back to the hotel and passed out before Weekend Update was over. Awesome!

This is a real, as Alex Trebek would say, hodge podge of songs. Or would he say potpourri. Or maybe potent potables. Whatevs. I listen to weird shit. Oh, and I'm not linking quite yet. I'm kind of curious to know if anyone checks them out from this post. It takes a long time to find them since I'm not smart enough to know how to do it myself. I know, hard to imagine me not smart enough. I know. Top played in bold.

Buena - Morphine: Come on, how can you not like Morphine? The band and the controlled substance?

Spanish Teeth - Robbers on High Street: Coming to the Opolis!

Deseret - Cass McCombs: This is so supremely bizarre. I like his stuff more with every listen.

Mockingbird - Grant Lee Buffalo: This one goes well with cars and driving.

Jazz - A Tribe Called Quest

The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson: Is this that Old Navy sweater commercial song? Yeah, it is. Wanna fight? I'm a girl. Blow me.

Right Moves - Josh Ritter: I'm really, really taking a liking to this guy.

Under The Blacklight - Rilo Kiley: Whatever. I'm in love.

I Feel So Good - Richard Thompson: I can't explain why I like this song. It borders on awful.

Don't You Evah - Spoon: Ok. I won't.

Ambulance - TV on the Radio: I never tire of this. Haunting.

Quantum Theory - Jarvis Cocker: I would totally let him waste my time.

Deadbeat Club - B-52s: I am a founding member.

All Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth - The New Pornographers: Challenger is growing on me by the second.

Down The Line - Jose Gonzalez: His voice is hypnotic! I'm hypnotized right now!

Heaven of my Heart - Jim White: I don't even know how I acquired this song. It's kind of like something my mom would like.

There you have it. Another crap post brought to you by the fine people at the Bee-Spot.


Clinton said...

But *where* did you eat Mexican food? If you say Chuy's, I'm going to come down to Oklahoma and give you what for. Or not. Still, though...

Dan said...

speaking of baseball and Mexican food, don't forget to get your free taco at Taco Bell today.

Dre said...

i. love. morphine.

"candy says she's made arrangements
for me in the sand...
candy says she wants me with her
down in candyland."

new pornagrahers are great too, although i'm partial to them because of neko. she sang at carl newman's wedding per the bride's request... swooon.

as for 'under the blacklight', love it.
once again, great list.

d said...

ok. i'm NOT a girl (well, at least i don't think i am) and i sorta like the old navy song too. that and the one from that jewelry company where the guy places the diamond necklace on his wife's neck while she's sleeping. i've been feeling a little maudlin and melancholy lately though, so that might explain it.

dirtywhirl by TVOTR = best song ever written.

jose gonzalez sucks it big time.

if you don't profess your undying love of josh ritter within, like the next two seconds, i don't think we can be blog friends any longer.

Jess said...

Don't You Evah - Spoon: Ok. I won't.

It just hit me this morning how much I love this song.

And I wasn't really that into Challengers at first, either. But I love it a little more every single day.

blythe said...

clinton - someplace on south congress. it was actually quite awful. i was also in a terrible mood, if you can imagine.

dan - really? everywhere? sign me up.

dre - morphine's some good shit. seriously, cure for pain has been mine many a time.

d - way to show your sensitive side. i like that. the song you're thinking of is a snippet of cat power covering "how can i tell you" by cat stevens. the song doesn't exist in entirety, stupidly. TVOTR is great. even the new one. jose doesn't suck it and yes, i love me some josh ritter. i just listened to the i thought someone was calling song in the car. i particularly enjoy that little diddy.

jess - people knock gagagagagagagagagagagagagaga, but it's a truly great album. also, i think i wrote challenger instead of challengers. oops.

5 of 9er said...

Poor Rockies... it was sad. At least the Yankees didn't win again.

d said...

'TVOTR is great. even the new one.'

are you talking about 'cookie mountain'? for a minute there i was afraid that i'd missed an album release or something. and my palms got all sweaty. but i just checked itunes and nothing new is there... did i miss something? does tvotr have a new album out? am i unaware and out of the hipster loop?

Chad said...

Josh Ritter is awesome. Here's a great concert/interview.

blythe said...

9er - yeah, thank god. fuck 'em.

d - yeah, cookie mountain. i'm way behind the times. i was actually asked to exit the hipster loop before i even joined.

chad - thanks!

Michael5000 said...

It really is kind of interesting how, with Richard Thompson being an Acknowledged Musical Genius and everything, so many of his songs aren't especially.... you know.... good.

Thank you for helping me find the strength to say this out loud.