Monday, February 26, 2007


I was taking a bath tonight, drinking some wine in the tub, listening to NPR on my elementary school radio, etc. because that's how I roll, when this show started featuring a gaggle of celebrity do-gooders all praising Bono and shit for trying to save the world. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Bono's a saint. But then, Wyclef (Jean) pipes up talking about his organization, Yele Haiti. First, he claims to fly coach on American Airlines to Haiti when he visits, secondly, he says he drops $50-60k per visit, which he says is, you know, a lot for him since he's a multimillionaire as opposed to a billionaire, and thirdly, he said he is a lawyer. What? Really? Maybe people who are born in Haiti, but grow up in Brooklyn and become hip-hop artist/humanitarians are automatically lawyers, but I dunno. Maybe Shakira's a judge in Colombia. I suppose I could Google this, but eh, I don't really care. The most important thing is that I have half a bottle of wine left.

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Alex said...

-"why are you watchin TV and listenin to the radio at the same time?"
-"cause i like to party."

now i like wyclef, especially his first solo album. i mean he rapped in freakin french and it was badass. but a lawyer? come on. if hes a lawyer, then im a...a...a fucking lawyer too.
this however, could be the start of an exciting trend. like tomorrow tom cruise could say hes the pope, or 50 cent is a police officer, or britney will proclaim that the hair in her wigs is cut off of the unicorns she breeds in her attic. the sky is really the limit here. where the fuck is ari gold when i need him?!

Julie_Gong said...

It IS common knowledge that people born in Hati, grow up in Brooklyn and become hip-hop artists ARE in fact always lawyers. I'm really surprised you didn't know that.

Mr. Shain said...

what if you dropped the wine glass in the tub? you could never use that bathroom again. or were you drinking out a a plastic dixie cup? i see.

anyway, did you know Forward Foods on Main has their own blog!?!?!

Clinton said...

Drinking in the tub... Not a bath-taker, myself, but I imagine it's fine way to spend an evening. At least if it's anything like drinking a beer in the shower, which, as I've previously stated, is pure, dazzling-white magic.

Also, Bono is a douche.

blythe said...

i was inspired. i've been drinking every morning in the shower since.