Friday, February 02, 2007

It's Friday, I'm In Love.

I wish I were in love with a real person, but I'm not*. [I'm in love with my dog (Claire - pictures forthcoming), not Zealand - who was stolen (see note), but I don't think that counts, although, I am living in Oklahoma now.] In the absence of a real life lover, I declare my Friday love for Jamie Lidell.

This guy is, simply put, the shit. Somehow, he's made an effortless transition from trouncing (what I imagine to be) an iBook (and some other gadgets used to produce the stuff he's known for) to slaying soul with an understated moxie not unlike Otis Redding.

I am so into guys who look like this. And sound like this. Also, check out "Game for Fools."**

*This is not entirely true, but you know how it is.

Note: Ok, I will finally stop talking about the dog. It's just hard, you know. I am a bitter, bitter woman and hold a grudge like nobody's business. Why am I single again?

**I really want to make out to this song, like soon. Please contact me if you're interested.


Matt said...

I don't know who that guy is, but he looks like Ben Folds.

Clinton said...

I'm actually glad that don't look like that, because if I did, I would almost certaintly use my powers for evil instead of good. Being a doughy, unshaven mess keeps me a nice person.

alabra said...

do you want me to crosspost your ** note? i'm in on craigslist like no one else.