Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's Friday, I'm in Love: Saturday Edition.

[So, I apologize for my brief, but what I imagine to be nearly devastating to your procrastination needs, absence. I've been a busy little bee. Yesterday was spent teaching the word "antisemitism" to rural Oklahoman eighth graders (I would not suggest it), judging high school debate for five hours (I would also not suggest it) and a fair amount of drinking (always a good suggestion) which leads me to the point of this post.]

I know that I say I hate all things fraternity, but this isn't entirely true, because I love drinking, and the two generally go hand in hand, unfortunately along with popped collars and douchebaggery, but oh well. The alma mater isn't particularly known for its drinking games, but fortunately, there was a handy alternative right up the highway where I spent many a weekend drinking first years under the pong table. I'm not going to lie, until this summer, I actually owned a pong table. Sure, it wasn't regulation, but I stained it with my own hands. Anyway, last night, I met up with some kids I haven't seen since, oh, 2001 or so. We proceeded to play flip cup at a bar. I loved it!

You see, I spend a lot of time pretending like I'm better than things like that. I read the New Yorker, sort of. I buy organic food, sometimes. I see independent films, when there's nothing else on. I play NY Mag's Approval Matrix thingy, when I'm bored. But deep down, I still love stupid shit like drinking games. Mainly because I kick ass at them. In my own mind.

So, put on your pastel Lacoste polo, turn up O.A.R., and bring over a 30 rack of Keystone. Who wants to be on my team tonight?

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Siobhlogger said...

keystone...ick. Milwaukee's Best...or, even better, Milwaukee's Best ICE. I can almost taste the bile vomit that follows the next morning.