Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Friday, I'm in Love

with the ultimate realm of fantasy and adventure:*

I have been spending a lot of time with boys lately, when I'm not kicking it with the roommates (i.e. I'm grounded from the car). These boys and I have a lot of things in common, mainly drinking and talking shit. However, sometimes they slip into this foreign language of poker, World of War Craft, Wii, or movie quotes and I have no idea what they're talking about which leads me to drinking way more than I ought. I already have a gambling habit (did I remember to take my pill?), I can't afford my own Wii and I refuse to watch Clerks 2 so that leaves me with entering the WOW. Luckily, my friend Alex was there to help me along. Not that it helped. I chose to be a Blood Elf Warlock with lovely, long golden hair named Blythevere (creative, I know).

After that, I pretty much have no idea what happened, since I'm a "newb." Something about a Paladin or a Mage and some pants? I totally cast a thing that killed some wyrms? Buff? Mana? All I know is that I have the hand-eye coordination of a Stevie Wonder in mittens. I can barely tell left from right, let alone use two hands at once (don't all come a runnin' at once boys).

Hopefully, soon I will be able to ponder philosophical questions such as, "Is the horde truly better than the alliance?" But right now, I have no idea what those words mean. I do know that relationships have ended over this game, lives have been ruined, hours, days, years wasted, so, I figure it's the perfect thing for me. Hell, South Park talks about it, so it must be ok, right? It's ok to escape the misery of daily life by pretending you're a spell wielding, surprisingly buxom elf, right? Lord knows I need another activity keeping me on the Internets.

*I'm pretty sure this solidifies my standing as a total dork. I totally understand if you stop reading this immediately, Mom.


Clinton said...

I never really "got" the whole online gaming thing. Girlfriend is a big fan (and a big nerd) but it just never seemed that exciting to me. I like my games like I like my movies: sinfully bloody, with many explosions and let's keep the plot to a minimum, shall we?

blythe said...

i'm not sure i get it either, but i figure it's worth a try. it will cut into my blog reading time, though, and i'm not sure how i feel about that. you know, the quests in WOW are not unlike hunting for readable, entertaining blogs in the blogosphere. and you go up a level when someone links to you.

Matt said...

My most recent ex left her previous SO in part because of WoW. An addiction to something "fun" is one thing, but from what I hear WoW becomes a meaningless crusade without discernible success criteria. I enjoy online games where it takes less than 2 hours to finish a "game." MMORPGs fail to satisfy; they only entice.

alabra said...

but an interesting anthropological experiment, or something, right?

Alex said...

ha! blythe i dont think you realize the magnitude of awesome that is the world of warcraft yet. honestly, the whole getting sucked in thing is kind of a myth. i just dont understand the people that are over the age of like 20 that still dont have any form of self control, whatevs. and as an aside, its no longer spelled "newb." now its "noob." but if you ever call some one that (in a non joking manner of course) i might have to fight you. cant you just not wait for the day when you know what "zomgwtfpwnd," means? i couldnt either. i mean, youre kind of like a superhero you know. ill stop now.

G said...

Zomg. You've caved and joined my world. What server are you on? I can now inform you that I have a lvl 64 mage named Eleri on Steamwheedle Cartel. Now you know. I also have characters on the following servers: Ravenholdt, Sentinels, and Gul'dan... and others. I shall call you. We shall discuss our idiocy.

P.S. WoW is fun as long as you don't get obsessed with gaining levels and getting better gear.