Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Goulet Wednesday News Round Up

While you were at reading about Fashion Week (and, most likely, not caring because, like me, I'll bet you buy all of your clothes on sale at Old Navy - yeah, more like Fashion Weak):

- That evangelist guy isn't gay anymore. Must've been this. [via MySpace]

- "I am not familiar." Again, Amy Poehler is the shit. [Jossip]

- You know, Oklahoma boasts the most astronauts of any state. We also have a lot of crazies. We do not, however, have crazy astronauts. Yet. [Defamer]

- LOST!! is back!! So excited. Fortunately, CNN has brought me up to speed. In fact, they've made reading so easy I don't have to anymore! [See story highlights box. This is really ridiculous. I thought semismartish people (me) read CNN and idiots read Fox. Who's the idiot now? (me)]

- Goulet Wednesday's namesake made a kickass(ish) SB commersh! La-da-di-da-da. GOULET! Nature!

- I am dreading Valentine's Day. Not because I am single, but because even when I do find love (most likely never) it can't possibly be like this. Fossilized? Together!? I thought a joint bank account was a big deal.


Clinton said...

I work a block away from Bryant Park, which is where Fashion Week is currently going down, and every evening I have to push my way past very thin, very unhappy people to get to the subway. The fashion industry, by the looks of it, destroys your soul and makes you smoke a LOT.

Also, hooray for LOST!!!

blythe said...

Yeah, I'd be pretty pissy (even more than usual) if I had to wade through people smaller than my left thigh even if only for a week.

Lost was pretty sweet. Now I have to find something to do with my time until next week...