Monday, February 25, 2008

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Beer instead of music edition.

You may not know this about me, but I like beer. A lot. More than liking beer, I like to complain about the lack thereof here in the Sooner state. After spending a million years in the MA, I grew accustomed to the multitude of microbreweries dotting New England and beyond, their microbrews available in package stores, bars and restaurants. I miss a lot of things about New England like seafood, liberals, snow storms, independent video stores, all varieties of Cabot products, villages, mountains, soft serve stands, but I think I miss the beer most of all. I would vote for McCain if you offered me a Harpoon UFO at this point. Oklahoma's liquor laws are more mysterious than why No Country for Old Men won best picture last night over There Will Be Blood or why I'm so attracted to Helen Mirren. I guess I'll just never understand. In the meantime, if you're headed to the NE or are already there, pour one of these out for me.

Harpoon UFO
- so wheaty.

Long Trail Double Bag - so malty.

Smuttynose Old Brown Dog - so brown.

Magic Hat #9 - so magic (and apricot).

Brooklyn Pilsner - so golden.

Rapscallion Blessing - so comes in an awesome brandy snifter like glass that you can steal if you bring a large enough purse.


Jeannette said...

Some parts of America are weird. i once stayed in a "dry county" in texas. i didnt even think that was legal.

This post makes me miss Massachusetts a bit. have you ever had Asahi? it's like Bud mixed with Hiroshima rain water.

Clinton said...

The Smuttynose line is pretty much all good. Also, if you haven't already, try the Brooklyn Brewery's Brooklyn Brown Ale if you can find it. It's mad tasty.

Dan said...

And Geary's. The finest pale ale this side of the Sierras. I've been on the Red Hook Longhammer IPA's lately myself, though I think that's a Washington beer (or for John McCain fans, that's Warshington). Tasty and cheap. $10.99 for two racks at the packie.

G said...

You have the shittiest taste in beer ever. Dude, Harpoon UFO isn't even a Hefeweisen! It's just pretending [badly].

And Rapscallion Blessing you like only because (well, apart from the glass, which is admittedly super rad) it reminds you of [the ex-boyfriend who shall not be named]. Ick. It's way too hoppy.

The others I've got no problem with.

...and, truth be told, I totally sympathize with your plight. I have the same problem with fancy-pants potato chips here in this benighted city: all any stupid corner bodega seems to have is Wise brand. Or Lay's. Barf. WHY HAVE THESE PEOPLE NOT FIGURED OUT THAT KETTLE CHIPS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE ON EVERY CORNER IS BEYOND ME. Also, I have to go work now. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

no country deserved it! day-lewis was genius but the movie wasn't as good. so, to recap, individual performances better in Blood and NoCountry is the better movie... and scene

Michael5000 said...

Have I ever mentioned that the City of Roses has more breweries than any other city in the world? Also, we make Kettle Chips here. Also, it's beautiful spring!

Anyway, happy beer drinking!

Anonymous said...

Blythe! You wouldn't be a beer snob now would you? ;) I too, enjoy a good beer but sometimes my bowels don't. TMI?

Anonymous said...

I just have to comment on jeannette's comment. I lived with my friend, whose name also happens to be jeannette, in a dry county in TX. We actually went to a bootlegger to get alcohol one night.

Colleen said...

my fiance who is a former brewer turned me into a beer snob. also i gave beer up for lent and have only had it three times so far.

TK said...

Geez, fancy-pants. My idea of good beer means it's in a bottle instead of a can.