Monday, February 18, 2008

Zack Harrison Memorial Music Monday: Oklahoma Edition.

There are shows happening! Not many, but some. And they don't all suck!

2/20: G. Love and the Special Sauce w/Tristan Prettyman - potential Vh1 fare, but could be ok. (Cain's, Tulsa)

2/25: Jonathan Richman - sort of a throwback, but a good one. (Opolis, Norman)

2/27: Citizen Cope - remember that Pontiac commercial with the infectious song? It's him! He has other good ones too. (Diamond Ballroom, OKC) ALSO State Radio - they're all political and shit. (Cain's, Tulsa)

2/29: Built to Spill - I dunno, could be worth it. (Diamond Ballroom, OKC)

3/8: Wilco! - sold out. Jerks.

3/16: Blitzen Trapper - saw them with The Hold Steady. I would recommend, but what do I know? (Opolis, Norman)

3/17: Islands - but will I have enough money for all of these shows? (Opolis, Norman)

4/14: FEIST! - you all know I love her with all my (psuedo-commercial indie) heart.

And much more including Xiu Xiu and British Sea Power. Check it out at because I am too lazy to write it all down and they change things all the time.

Fun fact of the day: Did you know, that in 1780 or so or sometime near there but not exactly then, there was a brief country named Franklin in what would be Tennessee and that the leader was named Nolichucky Jack? Me either, until very recently.

Documentary of the day: No End in Sight. This movie was quite invigorating. I want to make Rumsfeld live with my mother for six months, he's so evil.

Fear of the day: The BF just shaved off his winter beard. Will he be the same?

Book of the day: The Tale of Genji. Daunting? Yes. Worth it? Also yes.


Clinton said...

I saw Citizen Cope open for Ben Folds back when I lived in Austin (six or seven years ago). It was just him on-stage with a guitar and a backing tape playing over the speakers and every single person in the audience went, in unison, "Who the fuck is this guy."

I honestly never expected to hear about him again. Not that he was bad, or anything... he just didn't look like all that much.

blythe said...

yeah, a few years ago, i was really into him. he had a sort of "concept" album where he sang as various characters. kind of lame, but i still liked it. because that's how i am. avett brothers are coming too! i'm afraid to check dallas/austin venues for fear of lapsing into a deep depression.

Clinton said...

I *just* got into the Avett Brothers and they totally kick my ass. That one song, "Colorshow," is off the charts good. Actually, all of their stuff is.

Andrea B. said...

BUILT TO SPILL is totally worth it... they
are amazing live!

and WILCO... love them.

what's up with the beard fad... my BF has one too and i cannot wait for him to shave
that thing off! i personally don't care for it, reminds me too much of my dad, but it will be nice when it's gone!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Not that I would ever give my manpiece a nickname, but if I did, I would totally call it "Nolichucky." That is the best name ever.

blythe said...

thank you for noticing, cherry. you're top notch. don't ever let shain tell you otherwise.