Monday, March 03, 2008

An open letter to February.

Dear February,

You sucked harder than what it must be like to endure a Jessica Alba movie if you are blind. You brought the stomach flu, the other kind of flu, a UTI, a lingering cough and an unshakable malaise that has resulted in me watching an inordinate amount of TV swaddled in my comforter craving Girl Scout cookies. To top it all off, you had the audacity to be 29 days long this year.

Blow me,


P.S. March is going to rock my figurative balls off. You can count on that. So far, it's already better because there was an awesome thunderstorm last night. Also, I found this song which makes me happy. It's the little things.


Deutlich said...

February really DID suck. Blah.

Anonymous said...

My co-worker who endured a female surgery and a stomach virus whose twin daughters came home with lice followed two days later by her three year old getting strep throat and the flu would totally agree with you. I am really glad I don't have children.

Kenzie! said...

And a lot of people thought January was bad! February wore me the hell out.

So I've had that song on my ipod for a while, and I sort of have this phobia where I can't have songs without album artwork, and theres defintely no album artwork for that song. So I hope you don't have an awkward/weird phobia like me.

Anonymous said...

March will also rock out with its cock out because of daylight savings time, the beginning of Spring, and my fav holiday EASTER. Take that February!

blythe said...

deutlich - sucked balls, dude. but it's over!

anonymous - damn right! i'm sure glad i don't have kids too. that i know of.

kenzie - you might need to see someone about that. or make your own album art?

sru - damn right!

Rebel said...

Every where I looked people were having a crappy February... glad it's over.

Michael5000 said...

I had a great February!

March, on the other hand, has largely been spent barfing. It all evens out.

The Black Kids song sounds like it was recorded on a tape recorder inside the building next to the club where they were playing.